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4 Reasons to Go On a Spontaneous Road Trip


When going on any trip in general, we usually create an itinerary to make sure we don’t miss anything. Even when simply travelling somewhere by road, we often follow a strict schedule to make sure we make reservations on time. These are surefire road trip protocols, as are checking your car to see if all parts are in good condition and stopping by a muffler seller in the Philippines to buy quality parts if something is off.

One thing you probably try to avoid is an unplanned road trip – however, you may find that it is one of the best experiences you’ll have. Going on a spontaneous road trip when all you have is a map, a couple of good friends, some clothes, a good supply of food and drinks, and several options of where to go could be an adventure of a lifetime. Here’s why:


You can experience Freedom

It may feel like we are trapped in the day-to-day responsibilities of our life. Going on a sudden road trip is a way to break free, even for just a little while. During a road trip, you can decide where and when you want to go.

There is something that really liberating about getting up and experiencing something that you did not plan at all. When you are in a road trip, you’ll be forced to ignore other things like your work and stress and everything you’re far away from.

You’ll get to try new things

This is the opportunity to discover things you’ve never seen before, and try out things you’ve never tried before. You can meet new people who have been travelling as well, and get to share experiences. In addition to that, you will also get to try food that you have never eaten before.

You can clear your head

One of the top reasons people go on a spontaneous road trip is to clear their head. Going for a long drive allows you to do some serious thinking. A road trip is a great time to immerse in your thoughts, especially when you are alone. Deep thinking is not something you can do with a hectic schedule, and sometimes driving across the country will allow you time to reflect.

Also, a road trip is a great way for you to catch up with your friends. If you are all employed or just finished the exams and need to do something to unwind, a road trip is a great idea.

You get to listen to good stories and music

One of the best places to catch up with friends while listening to fun music is in the car. Each of you can make a playlist and take turns playing them, so you’re all exposed to something new or different. You can tune in to some mellow songs where everyone can relax and chill out for the rest of the ride. You can also play karaoke songs and sing your hearts out!

Going on a road trip will let you see the country the wonders it offers. You may have lived in the Philippines all your life but there is a huge chance you just saw a small part of it. Grab your best friends, make sure your car is at its best condition, and then hit the road!




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