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4 Common Driving Mistakes to Avoid


Driving is not easy, especially if you are a driver-in-the-making. Other than having to be alert at all times and following road rules, you have to make sure the car is in good condition, particularly its metal parts. In the Philippines, road-related accidents rank 16 out of the top 50 causes of mortality according to the World Health Organization so it is advised to be really careful when on the road.

Sometimes these errors are made out of lack of awareness, habit or even indifference to the other vehicles around us. It is no surprise that scientists and engineers are working hard to develop self-driving cars to reduce the risk of accidents due to human error. For your awareness, here are some common mistakes committed while driving:


Not using the turn signal

Turn signals are not just for show; they are important safety features installed in cars! These lights signal to other motorists that you are about to make a right turn —or left, depending on your intention. They must be used as well when changing lanes or else the driver behind you will react to your actions at the last second, which can cause an accident. Proper road etiquette calls for people to use their turn signals whenever they are changing lanes or making a turn. Once you have done your intention, turn off the signal. Nobody wants to drive behind a person who has left his or her signal blinking without actually turning.



Speed through a yellow light

Once in a while you may be running late for something important, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to speed up during a yellow light! If it isn’t clear yet, a yellow light means you should slow down and not hit the brakes. Getting through the yellow light so you don’t have to wait for the red light seems to be a trend among drivers. It is very dangerous and should not be done at all costs. Nearly all collisions that happen in intersections happen because of someone speeding through a yellow light. It is the best to wait and for the light to turn green, like a proper citizen.




Stopping suddenly

Stopping suddenly is a big no-no and it is one of the most committed mistakes by drivers. The chances of a car colliding behind you will increase if you stop your car without warning. Drivers must always be aware of the cars behind and around them before stopping slowly. This will give other drivers a chance to adjust to your signal or else accidents, large or small, will occur.




Not adjusting the mirrors properly

Similar to the turn signals, your rear view and side mirrors are there for a reason. They are important features in your car that help you see what is behind you and on either side of your vehicle. You have to make sure that the mirrors are in just the right person to give you proper perspective and hopefully avoid accidents. The best thing to do is to angle the side mirrors until you don’t see your car and then adjust the rear view mirror until you have a good and comfortable view. The last thing you want to experience is another vehicle colliding with yours just because you didn’t see them coming.




These are some of the driving mistakes that humans often commit. When on the road, it really is important to exercise caution because one small mistake can lead to bigger ones that will definitely cost you. In addition to that, don’t forget to put on your seatbelt when driving. No matter how slow or fast you are driving, a seatbelt will ensure your and your passenger’s safety.

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