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Must-See Car Racing Events this 2018

3 Must-See Car Racing Events This 2018

What are some absolutely smashing racing events you have to look out for this 2018?

  1. Monaco Grand Prix
  2. Le Mans Classic
  3. Goodwood Revival

Amidst the Philippines tropical haven, car enthusiasts rev their excitement in anticipative glee for what is to come this 2018. If you’re not exactly a die-hard motorsport fan and don’t exactly know a single thing about the Philippines’ steel tubes and chambered mufflers but enjoy the triumphant screeches of good ol’ sport and beautiful cars, then we whole heartedly recommend giving these annual landmark racing events a little peek:



Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix

The crème de la crème of historic motorsport grandeur. A marvelous introduction to anybody with even a minutely remote interest in the spirit of lethally fast paced car racing action, and the luxurious lifestyles that breathe through the circuit’s ether.

All the excitement will take place from May 11-13 on the positively darling and breathtaking circuit of Monte Carlo, known to be surrounded by the most exquisite yachts the world has to offer. We cannot overstate how much we recommend checking out John Frankenheimer’s 1966 film Grand Prix starring James Garner with supporting roles from the sublime down to earth cool-ness of Françoise Hardy and a young Jessica Walters.


Le Mans Classic

Le Mans Classic

The iconic 24-hour Grand circuit takes place from July 6 – 8 at Circuit de la Sarthe in the province of Maine, France. Le Mans saw history unfold as many a timeless car have made their bursting debuts on this track: The coveted Porsche 917 from ‘69, The Ford GT40s from 1966 – 1969, not to mention Rondeau beating world class factory beasts with a self-built car in 1980!

In motorsport racing, competitor’s personalities and their magnetism are a huge part of the sport’s inherent appeal. James Hunt anyone? Although arguably not as interesting as the aforementioned film Grand Prix, the 1971 film Le Mans stars legendary STEVE MCQUEEN as the mythical Michael Delaney.


Goodwill Revival

Goodwill Revival

Ahh sweet, sweet nostalgia. Goodwood’s Revival series exasperates an oh so indulgent sense of wonder for classic automobile aesthetics ala the 1950s. It’s like stepping into a time machine back to that romantic era!

Held on September 7-9, the beautiful thing about this event for aspiring car enthusiasts is that besides the actual racing, people from all over the globe flock Silverstone for the uniquely spectacle car and motorcycle showcase that transpires throughout.


Key Takeaway

Subsume yourself in the glitz and glamour of western European luxury, boisterously first world racing devils and stately sportsmanship. If you’re currently residing here in the Philippines, we encourage you to look out for these races online or on television.

They may even very spark an enthusiasm for learning more about tweaking your car’s setup –boosting that baby’s overall performance; maybe even the first step to cleaning out your garage and learning a thing or two about the Philippines’ steel tubes and chambered mufflers.

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