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All about the Universal Muffler

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Vehicles are considered as noisy technological marvels. It cannot be helped that cars and motorcycles are like that because they run via combustion engines and various types of mechanical gears. When in motion, these parts make a decent amount of noise. While it is natural, it may be undesirable especially when one is driving in the wee hours of night. To cancel out the noise, one must have a universal muffler in his car.

In a nutshell, a muffler’s main purpose is to cut down the overall noise that is generated by a combustion engine. However, there is more to mufflers than that.

What is a Muffler?

A muffler is a device for decreasing the amount of noise emitted by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine. It is installed within the exhaust system although it is not designed to serve any primary exhaust function. This soundproofing device reduces the loudness of the sound pressure by way of acoustic quieting. Some vehicle owners remove or install an aftermarket muffler when tuning in order to increase power output. This also helps in reducing fuel consumption for environmental or economic concerns, recreational pursuits or for personal aesthetic acoustical preferences.

How important is a Muffler?

As mentioned above, mufflers help silence the clamor of the pistons in the engine. Without the muffler, one could hear an incredibly loud noise. This is the reason why there are countries that have motor vehicle laws that require cars to have a working muffler.

There are people who believe that mufflers are merely accessories that serve no additional purpose but noise reduction. Some also think that the type of the muffler can reduce the overall performance of a vehicle. The noisier a vehicle is, the more powerful it is. This is true, though. However, more technologically advanced mufflers are able to provide the maximum noise reduction without impairing the car’s performance. In fact, there are mufflers that custom designed to improve the engine performance.

It is actually a good thing if an individual’s car has a muffler. Otherwise, the sound of the exhaust may be unbearable to the ears. The muffler does this in a simple yet ingenious way. Of course, there is no muffler that can last forever. The part will eventually succumb to heat, exposure, and deterioration. At some point, it must be replaced.

Since mufflers provide a ‘silencing cap’ when quieting the combustion engine down, they tend to get worn and damaged. In such cases, mufflers need to be inspected and repaired when needed to avoid unwanted noise and maximize the vehicle’s performance.

How Does a Muffler Work?

A muffler does more than ‘muffle’ sounds. Its inside is not empty. It is actually filled with tubes, channels and holes. These components are arranged in such a way that sound is directed through the system, making it lose energy as it travels. The interior of the muffler is designed not to dampen sound waves; instead, sound waves are being combined so they cancel each other out. To achieve this, the holes, tubes, and channels must be perfectly aligned inside the muffler. If not, the sound waves will simply bounce past one another, which wouldn’t reduce the engine noise at all.

There are four sections in a muffler. The inlet is the part that attaches to the rest of the exhaust system. This is where the exhaust gas and sound enters. Next is the resonator chamber. This is where the cancellation sound waves are created. Then there are the two perforated tubes that further cancel the sound. The last part is the outlet, which emits both a little bit of the remaining sound and the exhaust gas.

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