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Terms and Conditions (for Online Purchase)

By clicking the “I agree” checkbox, you have read and understand all the details and information of the terms and conditions. 

We reserve the right to change these Terms & Conditions for buying products online from time to time. If this happens, we will notify you by posting the latest date and revision of the Terms and Conditions thru your online purchase process.

    1. Privacy: 
      Roberts AIPMC ensures the confidentiality of each customers’ information and shall only be used for processing orders and sending of news and update of the company.
    2. Product and Pricing:
      While we make every effort to ensure that the products shown on our website are currently available at the price shown, we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case.  If products you have ordered are unavailable, you will be notified as soon as possible.The price you pay is the price of the products shown at the time you place your order, even if the price of the product has since changed.
    3. Payment:
      Payment can either be thru online, mobile apps, or bank deposit on the assigned bank and account of Roberts AIPMC.  Charges for bank deposit transactions may apply.We will inform you once the payment has been received and validated.  Order will not be processed if there is discrepancy to the payment from the price of the product.
    4. Delivery:
      Delivery will be based on Service Area Table for area classification and lead time.  For Out-of-Town or beyond serviceable area delivery, lead time will be per customer and Roberts AIPMC agreement.Product order will be considered as General Cargo, and will be delivered either by land or air.  Delivery of products will be by any third party assigned by Roberts AIPMC and will not be subject to customer request of delivery medium.Customer will be informed once their product is on its way.  There will be maximum of 3 delivery attempts. There will be no “money back” for purchased products if customer has no disposition beyond the number of allowable attempts.  If customer requests for re-delivery that exceeded the number of allowable attempts, customer will be charged accordingly, same delivery rate will apply.
    5. Return and Exchange:
      Customer must ensure that the item they are ordering is correct. Roberts AIPMC will not accept return or exchange of items, unless customer is claiming warranty.

    6. Warranty:
      Product claims shall be subjected on Warranty Terms and Conditions.