About Soundex Mufflers

A technical tie-up with Futaba Sangyo of Japan ensures state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and quality control processes of our Exhaust System Plant. It is also certified with an ISO 14001:2004 certification (Environmental Management System), which means that it complies with the environmental standards of major OEM assemblers.

ROBERTS AIPMC’s Exhaust System supplies high-quality and consistent muffler products to major OEM assemblers such as Toyota Motors Philippines, Universal Motors (Nissan), and Pilipinas Transport (Suzuki), as well as to the Aftermarket.

These Mufflers boasts of a computerized production line enabling programmable production to easily adapt to client specifications. With almost all of its imported heavy duty machineries, the plant has the capacity to produce 7,500 units per month on single shift, using only imported raw materials in its manufacturing process.

All of our Exhaust System Products are ensured of consistent high quality. Durability is assured by a series of tests based on customer specific requirements. In addition to these tests, all muffler products also undergo Leak Tests within its processes. With Soundex mufflers as its brand for the aftermarket, it also guarantees to last longer than other brands because of its Double Wrap feature and High-Heat paint.

With its dedication to innovation, state-of-the-art design, environmental compliance, and quality control,Soundex is truly the muffler brand above all the rest.

Roberts AIPMC has also ventured in producing exhaust pipe assembly for the motorcycle aftermarket with the release of its brand more popularly known as Soundex BLADE. Using highly technical workmanship and quality materials , Soundex BLADE has successfully entered the motorcycle aftermarket and is already distributed throughout the country. Its unique features and designs vary from stainless to different sporty models and is applicable to most motorcycle models available in the market today.


Roberts AIPMC takes pride with its muffler products which caters to almost all engines requiring exhaust system - from motorcycles to 4-wheeled vehicles, generators, heavy equipment, and the like.

Thus, this truly makes Roberts AIPMC your complete, one-stop, and all access Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing source.