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Special Radiator Fabrication Services

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Special Fabrication, Recoring and Core only services:

In addition to manufacturing of complete radiator assemblies, other options are also available to give you the best value for your money by spending what is only necessary.

Services such as special fabrication, recoring and supply of core are also available as a testament to our commitment of giving you the best options.



Replacement of the radiator’s middle part called the core including the header plates. Possible only when the brackets, tanks and other components are in reusable condition, hence contributing to the lowering of the overall repair costs of the radiator and extending its normal life expectancy.

Supply of core only

This service is applicable for those companies who are staffed with their own radiator repair personnel and is capable of dismantling and assembling of radiators on their own. Only thing supplied by Roberts AIPMC is the middle part of the radiator called core together with its header plates.

Special Fabrication

When one is unsure on the availability of the radiator model that is suited to your needs, two (2) options are available to tailor fit your requirement:

You can bring your radiator assembly to our plant and let our engineers measure, evaluate and come up with a recommendation on what we can offer and how long it will take for us to finish the job.


Take advantage of our Industrial Sales Support Group by calling or sending us an email using the contact details provided. Our Industrial Sales Representative will be more than happy to visit your office to help determine which of our services are suitable to your needs.