What are OEM Auto Parts?

OEM is short for “original equipment manufacturer.” So when we talk of OEM automotive parts these are the different components used in automotive made by the vehicle’s maker.

Different OEM auto parts in the Philippines are made to align with a vehicle’s exact specifications. This means that it fits perfectly into its specific space.

What are the different OEM auto parts that Roberts produces?

Automotive Exhaust

Here at Roberts, we provide our customers with fairly-priced OEM parts. Each part goes through rounds of inspections and testing to make sure they are up to world-class standards.

Automotive Radiator

This is the main component of a vehicle’s cooling system. The automotive radiator monitors and regulates the engine’s temperature and prevents it from overheating.

It is guaranteed to be 100% leak-free and is designed to have excellent cooling performance. Just like other OEM auto parts in the Philippines produced by Roberts, the radiators undergo several quality inspections and tests.

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs provide vehicles with a suspension system. It is responsible for creating smoother rides that absorb the bumps on the road.

Roberts produces a wide range of heavy-duty leaf spring products for light to heavy vehicle applications. We are able to customize it to our customer’s specifications.

Metal Stamped Parts

OEM auto parts in the Philippines can be created using the metal stamping processes. This is used to make various essential automotive components like body panels, seat latches, horn buttons, and steering components.

Our plant at Roberts is designed to cater to the OEM assembler’s every need. We have a full range of press machines that can manufacture small to the large body and interior metal parts.


A U-bolt is a part of a vehicle leaf spring suspension. It is responsible for securely connecting the leaf spring pack to the vehicle’s axle. In trucks, the u-bolt provides the force required to clamp the leaf spring and other components together.

Automotive Exhaust System Parts

An automotive exhaust system carries away harmful gasses created during combustion. It also cleans up these gasses before they are released into the environment.

Since 1994, we at Roberts have been manufacturing OEM parts in the Philippines including the exhaustion system. We also have pipe bending facilities that are equipped with semi-automatic welding and CNC pipe bending machines. We are capable of serving customers that require bigger diameter pipes.

Muffler Assembly

Mufflers are used to dampen vehicle emissions and engine noise. Our muffler OEM parts in the Philippines are made of quality steel, coated with aluminum, and carefully assembled to provide protection from the heat and chemicals released from the exhaust system.

Why is Roberts the preferred OEM auto part manufacturer in the Philippines?

Roberts has built its reputation through decades of progress. Through the years, we’ve strengthened our compliance by making our company a trusted auto parts supplier in the Philippines.

We are one of the pioneers in this industry to integrate the production of automotive and industrial parts. All workers here at Roberts are committed to delivering the best and finest products and services to our clients.

Purchase your OEM Auto Parts in the Philippines from Roberts!

After over two decades in the industry, you can depend on us here at Roberts to produce dependable and efficient OEM auto parts in the Philippines. We continue to meet and surpass our customer's needs and expectations by producing world-class OEM standard products.

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