What motorcycle parts does Roberts manufacture?

At Roberts AIPMC, our metal stamping services are designed to cater to OEM and motorcycle parts manufacturers in the Philippines. Our facility has a complete range of press machines that can manufacture small to large body and interior metal parts.

The metal stamping process creates solid metal parts and forms. It makes use of specialized dies that press together sheets of metal in order to create precise forms.

Gas Tank

Motorcycle Body Frame

A motorcycle’s body frame is its backbone. It acts as the main support structure of the entire vehicle. This is where the engine and many others are mounted upon.

As the best motorcycle parts manufacturer in the Philippines, Roberts creates quality and durable motorcycle frames. This is important because this metal base is the connection point for many other parts of the motorcycle such as its rear suspension, foot pegs, seat, and handlebars.

Rear Fender

A rear fender is an alloy cover that sits on the motorcycle’s rear wheel. These metal parts connect to either the vehicle’s sides or directly on top of its frame.

It’s essential that a rear fender undergo quality check and inspection since it provides not only dirt and mud protection but it also provides fork support. It also manages the air drag on the motorcycle’s wheel to give the rider a smooth ride.

Gasoline Tanks

A gasoline tank in a motorcycle and any other vehicle is a safe container for flammable fluids. This is usually located underneath the motorcycle’s rear seat or trunk.

As the leading motorcycle parts manufacturer in the Philippines, Roberts produces different kinds of gasoline tanks. We create upper and lower gasoline tank plates as well as their inner and outer tanks.

Muffler Assembly

Mufflers are part of your motorcycle’s exhaust system. The sound pressure created by your engines when you run your vehicle is very loud — so our mufflers were engineered as a solution for the loudness of your engine, through acoustic quieting.

Why is Roberts an Expert Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer in the Philippines?


Roberts AIPMC is committed to providing its customers with the best and finest motorcycle parts in the Philippines. We have progressed steadily over the decades by complying with the strictest OEM quality standards.

Our expertise in the field has been proven through our dependability and efficiency in the automotive industry. The positive feedback and awards from our clientele prove our abilities to be a leading motorcycle parts supplier in the Philippines.

If you're looking for a motorcycle parts manufacturer in the Philippines, consider Roberts AIPMC!

As one of the pioneers in the integrated production of automotive and industrial parts, you can trust us here at Roberts to provide you with the world-class products and services.

Our entire team is dedicated to meet and surpass our customers needs and expectations as the Philippines’ top motorcycle parts manufacturer — providing only the best OEM auto parts in the Philippines. Contact us today to learn more.