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Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a system of processes focusing on sheet metal manufacturing. This is one big chunk of the whole science & art of metalworking.

How do they do it?

In the task of building structures, large or small scale, metal stamping is responsible for the processes of punching, blanking, piercing, embossing, drawing, bending, forming, flanging, and coining the metals as needed. Now that’s too much responsibility that requires precision!

Such stages of stamping are carried out until the desired shape and form of the material is achieved. What happens is that sheets of metal are being cut, formed, and shaped by feeding and pressing them between high tonnage stamping dies. This is done in mass production so that parts developed through the process are generally low cost.

Metal Stamping Philippines

Roberts AIMPC Metal Stamping is designed to cater to the OEM assembler’s every need. The plant boasts of the full range of state-of-the-art press machines – from the smallest to the largest (10T to 600T to 800T). The company is one of only two suppliers in the Philippines that own an 800-ton Hydraulic Press capable of fabricating large auto parts such as panel roofs and bumpers.

Among the satisfied customers of Roberts AIPMC Metal Stamping are the largest automotive brand manufacturers in the country and the globe, namely Toyota Motor Philippines, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Honda Group, Isuzu Philippines, Suzuki Motors Philippines, Norkis Yamaha, Kawasaki Motors Philippines, and Asian Transmission Corporation.

The metal fabrication products of Roberts AIPMC Metal Stamping range from small to large body and interior parts. Among its large body parts produced are the panel roof, front center bumper, side bumpers, and rear bumpers.

Interior parts include Radiator component parts, motorcycles inner and outer plates, bottom plates, front and rear hanger shackle, big bike seat frames, cross-member pipes, air cleaners, and automotive seat frames.

With its full range of state-of-the-art press machines, welding facilities, and complete painting line, Roberts AIPMC Metal Stamping is truly a one-stop shop that caters to the OEM assembler’s every need, making it the Metal Stamped Parts Fabricator of choice by major OEM assemblers in and out of the country.

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