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Metal Stamping

Roberts AIPMC Metal Stamping is designed to cater to the OEM assembler’s every need. The plant boasts full range of press machines, providing small to large body and interior metal parts.

Among the satisfied customers of Roberts AIPMC Metal Stamping in the Philippines are the largest automotive and motorcycle manufacturers like Mitsubishi Motor Philippines, Toyota Motor Philippines, Honda Group, Isuzu Philippines, Kawasaki Motors Philippines.

Roberts AIPMC Metal Stamping also diversifies its distribution by providing parts to Appliance and Furniture Industries

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Able accommodate high production demand with capacity to produce 420,000 units per month

Metal Press Machines

  • Machine
  • 800T Hydraulic Press Machine

    1 unit

  • 600T Hydraulic Press Machine

    2 units

  • 600T-600T-400T Tandem Press Machines with conveyorized scrap collector

    1 series

  • 400T Hydraulic Press Machines

    2 units

  • 350T Hydraulic Press Machine

    1 unit

  • 300T Mechanical Press Machine

    1 unit

  • 35T to 200T Small/Medium Press Machines

    20 units

Automative Metal Parts

Motorcycle Metal Parts

Appliance Metal Parts

TV Stand and Mounting Brackets