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Evercool Radiators

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Radiators, though unseen, are a very important part of your car. This device is a kind of heat exchanger and is also part of the automobile’s cooling system. The function of the radiator is to cool the engine, as overheating causes it to stall, rendering the car ineffective.

Once the hot coolant is in the radiator, it passes through metal cylinders parallel to the device. These valves are filled with fins that allow the heat to escape from the liquid much faster.

After being cooled by the fins, the coolant passes through the mesh portion of the radiator, where the remaining heat is eliminated with the use of a fan. Once it is chilled, the coolant is then pumped back into the engine, where it will replace the previous mixture pumped in and regulate the temperature. This cycle continues as long as the car is in motion.


Evercool Alpha, for one, is the cost-effective radiator that is suited for passenger cars and light commercial vehicle types. It is designed for light duty and low speed vehicles commonly used for city driving even in heavy traffic conditions. At a very affordable price, this is the solution that companies or entrepreneurs look for when it comes to basic vehicle use.

Evercool Supra, on the other hand, is the “original” high performance radiator by Evercool made for general automotive use. It is designed for vehicles with regular duty and for high-speed, long drive conditions, yet can also perform equally well in slow speed city driving. This radiator can be used by pick-up, vans, trucks and SUVs.

In addition to manufacturing of complete radiator assemblies, other options are also available to give you the best value for your money by spending what is only necessary. Services such as special fabrication, recoring and supply of core are also available as a testament to our commitment of giving you the best options.


The Kinds of Radiators

There are different makes that one can purchase from a radiator manufacturer in the Philippines:

  • Copper-Brass
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum

Copper-brass types were the first standard issue radiators for automobiles up until the year 1980. The problem manufacturers encountered later on was that copper-brass radiators were heavy, expensive, and eventually rusted, causing it to perform poorly over time.

Plastic radiators were created to solve the problems that its copper-brass cousin caused. They were cheaper to produce, lighter, and expelled a good amount of heat from the engine. But another dilemma brought about by this kind of device was that it had to be replaced entirely when it broke down. Repairing individual parts would be a tedious process.

The third kind of radiator, ones made of aluminum, would be the final, workable solution to these problems. Aluminum, like plastic, was also lightweight and had high thermal conductivity, meaning it could expel heat faster and lower the temperature of hot coolant instantly. According to research, aluminum radiators can be 41% more efficient than copper-made ones.

Aluminum radiators are today’s automobile standard issue.

Unlike most Western countries, where the cold weather aids in lowering engine temperature, Filipinos live in tropical weather. Hence, the temperature of a vehicle’s engine can only increase as the day goes by.

During our initial years in the automotive parts industry, The Roberts AIMPC Team felt strongly about creating radiators that are not only efficient, but also durable. Our team of engineers brainstormed with great effort to manufacture a radiator that would regulate engine temperature consistently, as long as it was turned on.

Then, our ‘eureka’ moment happened.


1993 marked the entry of Roberts AIPMC into the automotive metal industry with the launch of its own Radiators carrying the brand name EVERCOOL. With its consistent production of OEM quality radiators, Roberts AIPMC’s Radiators has since then firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with, supplying all segments of the market – from OEM assemblers to Philippine and foreign aftermarkets thus, becoming one of the leading radiator manufacturers in the Philippines.

Among Roberts AIPMC Radiators’ continuously growing clientele of OEM assemblers are Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Corp., Honda Group, Toyota Motor Phils., Isuzu Philippines, Nissan Motor Philippines, Columbian Motors, Pilipinas Hino, Universal Motors Corporation, and Norkis Yamaha. launch of its own Radiators carrying the brand name EVERCOOL. With its consistent production of OEM quality radiators, Roberts AIPMC’s Radiators has since then firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with, supplying all segments of the market – from OEM assemblers to Philippine and foreign aftermarkets.


Further proof of Roberts AIPMC Radiators’ continuously growing popularity and respectability is recognized not only in the country, but overseas as well. The company is now exporting its radiator products in many countries worldwide.

Roberts AIPMC Radiators has built and maintained credibility and respect by all segments of the market because of its product attributes and strict adherence to rigid quality control standards.

Roberts AIPMC Radiators guarantee a higher cooling efficiency, with more water tubes and more cooling fins – making the Evercool brand standout from the rest.

These Radiators are certified 100% leak-free as all products are subjected to several LEAK TESTS. Products also undergo prolonged time on VIBRATION TESTS, high loads of PRESSURE TESTS, and long-distance ROAD TESTS, ensuring that our radiator products are of the highest quality. Its quality performance has been tested by Original Car Makers in the Philippines and other countries.

The plant has the capacity to produce 13,000 units per month, yet still growing and is equipped and capable of any expansion in the future. It also prides itself on more than 800 models of radiators to choose from – ranging from the smallest to the largest type – from computer radiators to powerplant radiators.

Moreover, Roberts AIPMC Radiators also boasts of the capability to develop new models of industrial radiators without the use of molds and die, and the ability to adapt based on client requirements. Roberts AIPMC Radiators also offers special radiator fabrication solutions to cater to the customized needs of its clients.

Truly, Roberts AIPMC Radiators can cater to its diverse customers’ wide range of needs.


The year 2006 is another milestone for Roberts AIPMC with the introduction of its FLATFIN RADIATORS. Designed for heavy equipment and large generators, Roberts AIPMC’s newest radiator product offers the same OEM-quality, durability, and high-cooling efficiency that have propelled the Evercool brand to become the leading radiator name in the country.

As Evercool’s tagline attested by its customers:

“Sa traffic walang tirik, sa overheat, walang sabit!”

“Evercool assures you with a hassle free,
worry free ride.”

  • Vibration Testing Machine
  • Wind Tunnel Testing Machine
  • Impulse Testing Machine
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2015

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