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Going Hybrid! Why You Should Consider Getting a Hybrid Car

You might be wondering what exactly a hybrid car is. Why are we encouraging you to purchase it? Let us start with the “hybrid” part. The word is, by definition, combining two different parts to form a whole. With a hybrid car, you are combining two fuel sources. These are the internal combustion engine and one or more electrical motor engines. When you ignite the engine, the vehicle chooses when to operate these engines to be able to lower the emissions produced and use lesser fuel. In addition to this, hybrid cars are made from lighter materials and carry a smaller engine.

In recent years, more and more people have been using hybrid cars on the road. Realistically speaking, you can enjoy numerous benefits just by switching to this type of vehicle, not excluding better mufflers, exhaust systems, and other metal parts. We’ve listed down five other reasons why you should get a hybrid car the next time you plan to purchase a new vehicle.

It Needs Fewer Oil Changes

A great advantage of having a hybrid car is the decreased need to change your oil. Hybrids need its oil changed every 5,000 to 6,000 miles (depending on how you drive, you can even extend this up to 10,000 miles). The usual car, on the other hand, will need its oil changed after every 3,000 miles. That is an awesome difference of 2,000 to 7,000 miles! Think about the insane amounts of cash you are saving with that many miles.

It’s Environment Friendly

When you say own a hybrid set of wheels, the general impression is that you are driving an environmentally-friendly vehicle. It’s usually the correct assumption as hybrid cars are very eco-friendly due to the lower amount of gasoline it burns alongside a lessened amount of smog and carbon dioxide emissions it produces. In addition to this, hybrid cars also generate smaller amounts of greenhouse gases and other environmentally harmful pollutants.

It’s a Great Investment

The moment a car model rolls out of the showroom, its value immediately goes down. Here is the beautiful thing about hybrid cars: the depreciation rate is lower than most cars in the market today. The reason is because there will always be a high demand for hybrid cars. Yes, maintenance-wise there are some parts that may be more expensive than your conventional car. but do remember that hybrids have a longer warrant period.

It Allows No Idling

Whenever you are stuck in a traffic jam, your car is using up fuel needlessly while producing smog. Hybrid cars will not do that as they immediately shut down to save on gasoline. If you think you will be stuck in a hot, sweltering car, then think again! The battery will take over to power up the air conditioner and audio system. Once you get moving at normal speed, the gas engine goes back on again.

It’s Fuel Efficient

With gas prices rising at an alarming rate, people are looking for more and more alternatives to save fuel such as using their car seldom. Here’s where the hybrid car comes in. The beauty of this vehicle is it uses lesser fuel as compared to your standard vehicle. These cars have smaller engines that are more fuel efficient. Thanks to its hybrid mechanism, your fuel’s life is extended by five to ten miles per gallon versus the conventional vehicle.

Hybrids will be our environment’s savior. Purchase a hybrid ride, and save the environment!

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