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repurposed car parts

7 Weird but Wonderful Ways to Repurpose Old Car Parts

Sometimes you just have to give up on your car and surrender it to its gods (if ever they have one). If your mechanic recommends replacing practically everything from the muffler to the brake pads to even the engine, then maybe it’s better to just buy a new vehicle instead, especially if it’s too pricey to repair.


But what are you to do with your old car and its parts? Here are seven weird but definitely awesome ideas!


Engine Coffee Table

Engine Coffee Table

Okay, who would have thought your engine would make a great coffee table? Definitely not us but the minds behind this brilliant idea decided to utilize an old V8 engine by making it shine like a mirror then placing a square glass plane on top. Voila, an instant coffee table!


Tire Sinks

Tire Sinks

So you walk into a restaurant and order. Of course, before your food arrives you need to wash your hands to avoid germs from contaminating your food. You walk to the washroom and what do you see? Tires repurposed as a sink! It may seem impossible at first but in recent years, this is becoming one of the top ways to upcycle those ol’ wheels.  And hey, won’t it be cool to have a fuel nozzle instead of your usual faucet? Now that’s tire-riffic!


Office Chair Car Seats

car seat office chair

You have to agree when we say that the most comfortable part of the car is the driver’s seat. After all, this is the place where the motorist needs to stay seated for hours unending (depending on the traffic). So why not use them as office chairs? They’ll be so comfy you might not want to leave the office anymore! It’s highly recommended to go for racing car seats for optimum comfort.


Trunk Sofa

Trunk Sofa

Maybe you have an old, broken car lying around that you can’t afford to have repaired. Why not have it sawn in half and have the trunk turned into a unique sofa? Or if the old backseats are still there, just have those reupholstered instead of purchasing new seats. This way you’ll be able to save a huge amount of cash and a headache.


Dashboard Desk

dashboard desk

Your friends or clients enter your study expecting you to be seated behind the usual wood, glass or plastic desk. Instead, they see you behind… a car. Yes! Repurpose the other half of your car as a desk. It may be a bit bulky but if you have the space, go for it! You can even opt to keep the wheels in for that authentic look.


Car Bed

Car Bed

Back when we’re kids, one of the most popular beds comes shaped like a car. It also came in a variety of colors and designs, from red to black and even pink. It was every kiddie car enthusiast’s dream bed. As an adult, you might be dreaming of snoozing in something similar to this. Dream no more because you can repurpose an old car into a unique bed. It’ll need a bit of welding and time but once you rest your back onto the mattress now framed by your dream bed frame, it’ll totally be worth it!


Hood Barbecue Grill

hood barbecue grill

It may sound like a film but it’s actually how you’re going to repurpose your car’s hood.  Just remove the engine and all the other parts and replace it with a grill. There you go! A grill you’ll surely be proud to show off to your friends and family the next time they come over for a barbecue party.


These seven ideas are perfect for car enthusiasts to show off their love for anything with wheels on it. They’ll be the center of attention in your home if you have them, bet on that!

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