4 Ways to Protect Your Valuables While Inside the Car

Like most people, you probably like leaving stuff in your car because you think nothing can and will happen to them. Your car is an extension of your home, after all. That, however, is not always the case! Not only are vehicles very susceptible to being carjacked and stolen (metal parts and all), but they can also leave your valuables vulnerable to theft. So try not to leave your stuff in there as much as possible.

However, there are times when you must leave a few of your stuff in the car. And just because they’re more vulnerable there doesn’t mean you can’t hide them safely your vehicle. Just follow the simple tips listed below.


Use the Trunk

Don’t leave valuables like smartphones, tablets, laptops, cash, and ID’s inside your car. Instead, chuck them in your trunk if you don’t want to take them with you. These are just too important to be left in there. Besides, these are the things thieves would most likely go for, and leaving these things dangling and exposed inside your car would just tempt them.


Keep Them Away From the Windows

In horror movies, the heroes get grabbed by monsters from the windows of their getaway car.  In real life, however, it’s your stuff that crooks try to lay their hands on. And even if they’re shut tight, these crafty thieves have their ways and means of opening or even breaking the glass. So in response, make sure your stuff are nowhere near the windows. That way, burglars would not be able to reach them too easily.


Don’t Just Stop for Anyone

Another common trope in horror movies is when the heroes stop for a not-so-dangerous-looking stranger on the road to help them only to find out later that this harmless looking dude is out for their blood. Real life isn’t far from this particular slice of fiction, as strangers nowadays aren’t always as trustworthy as they claim to be. For all you know, they could steal your belongings inside your car while you’re not looking, and that’s the least awful thing they’re capable of doing!

There’s nothing wrong with stopping and assisting anyone who needs help. However, before you do so, try to check how trustworthy they are, especially if the particular stranger wants to hitch a ride.


Go for Covered Parking

Whenever you drive to an establishment like malls, shopping centers, and schools, you have the option to either go for the free open-area parking or the paid but covered one, which usually has security personnel and measures. Although you have to pay a few pesos, the added security is worth your peace of mind, and it gives you the assurance that whatever things you left inside your vehicle are well-guarded.


Don’t just leave your stuff carelessly inside your car. Even if you think of your car as an extension of your home, you should always take extra measures to keep it as theft-proof as possible. Follow these tips and you can be rest assured that any valuables left behind in your car are safe and secure.