3 Ways to Customize Your Car

When buying cars, the first aspect most people look at is how it looks, especially here in the Philippines, where traffic is a common occurrence along the highways and city roads. Why? Because with the numerous cars in traffic, people would want a car that catches the attention of people because of its unique looks or sounds.

This is the reason why most people customize their cars to make it look more appealing or to even increase the capabilities of the car that would have been otherwise impossible if the customization did not happen. In the Philippines, steel tubes and other objects that can be used for car customization are plentiful.

Moreover, it’s perfectly understandable for vehicle owners to tweak some of the parts of their car because almost all cars today are designed for the purpose of being marketable to the greatest amount of consumers. But when people customize their cars to achieve their warranted changes, they sometime achieve the opposite and do the customization all wrong.

So, if you’re planning to customize your car, here are some ways you can do it that will make your car look even better!

 Sound System

Sound System

Let’s face it, cars today have sub-par sound systems. That’s why if you’re the type of person that wants the audio of their car to be able to produce sound that is crisp and clear, then you should customize your audio system first.

The first thing you must consider is if the deck of your car can fit the potential audio system that you want. If not, you can tailor your deck to match the required size of the audio system. Then, you can now install your brand new audio system! Also, you can add a subwoofer to up your car’s bass game. But, always remember that louder is not necessarily better.

Tires and Rims

Tires and Rims

 If you want customizations which are more noticeable than others, you can throw, sell, or keep you standard tires and rims, then you can change your wheels! This is one of the most sizeable changes you can make to your car, because your wheels are one of the things that other people immediately look at. Also, when looking for rims and tires, you’ll be choosing among a number of them that has different colors, styles, materials used, and patterns. Choosing the right one can potentially make your car look more stylish and elegant.

Furthermore, when choosing the rims, you should check that the fitment guide of the rims are appropriate for your car because some have different sizes and bolt patterns which may be different from the one that your car has.

Customized car


 After you’ve changed the tires of your car, it’s time to lower your ride to make it look more sporty and sleek. There are two options that you can choose from when lowering your car. First, you can lower your shocks which can work if you have OEM shocks; this is also the cost-efficient way. The second option is to install a coilover kit, which is also the more expensive between the two choices. By doing this, you’re considerably increasing the handling of your car. Also, by removing the space between your tires and the body of the car, it will look more sporty and aggressive!


Customizing your car is completely up to your discretion. If you’re happy with the way your car looks, then don’t change it. But if you’re really keen on customizing your car, you should look up some of the law in your area because your customization may be illegal. Also, it’s important that you like what you do to your car because if you don’t like whatever it is you’ve done, you just wasted your valuable time and money.