Keep Calm and Survive! 4 Traffic Tips You Need to Learn and Follow

Traffic jams and rush hours have always irritated motorists and commuters regularly. And sometimes they can be so heavy that even your car’s muffler and other metals parts would cry out in frustration! Unfortunately for you and your car, this road problem won’t be solved so easily, and it will continue to plague all mankind in the years to follow.

Luckily for you, there are ways to get around traffic jams! So while you can still get out of that fray then we suggest you follow the tips we’ve laid out for you below – unless you want to get stuck there!


Know Your Way Around

keep calm and wait for gps

You should know how to maneuver your way through any route as well as have good map knowledge and memorization skills. That way, you’ll be able to avoid areas currently immersed in heavy traffic. In any case, it’s best if you find the best route from your home to work, and discern the time when this way would be teeming with vehicles so you can look for alternative roads.

But in case you don’t have such road skills, you still not need worry! You can always take advantage of smartphone apps and rely on social media updates. So purchase and download map and GPS applications on your phone and make sure you’re well updated on traffic news.


Be Early

get up and work early

It never hurts to be a little bit early. In fact, it would be best to always allot an ample amount of time for those “Just-in-Case” instances that happen to include heavy traffic flow. Commuters reaped the rewards of doing this time and again; by leaving home early, they get to avoid rush hour and they get to enjoy smoother travels. Motorists should follow suit and get up as soon as their alarm clocks ring. It may be annoying, but enduring hellish traffic jams is worse. Besides, the early bird sometimes gets more worms if you know what we mean!


Stay Positive

keep calm and stay positive

But say you did get stuck in a traffic jam. Yes, it’s extremely annoying and irritating. However, if you let it get to you, it will gravely affect your emotional and psychological behavior in the workplace and home. So try to maintain a positive outlook as much as you can. Besides, what’s the use of getting irritated by something you can’t control? Complaining about it won’t make the traffic go away; it will just give you more bad vibes.


Maximize Your Time

keep calm and maximize

If you’re still in that traffic jam then aside from maintaining a positive outlook, find ways to while away the hours. Yes, you should still keep your focus on the road and drive safely even in traffic situations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of it. Try making a few short emails and organizing your work files. Or play some good tunes and sing along with it. That way, you’d be productive – despite the unusual circumstances you’re in!


Every person on this planet has their unique ways to handle rush hours, and each certainly has experienced a particularly hellish traffic jam at one point. By following our suggestions above, your own driving and commuting experience would be less hassling.