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Traffic Jams: Funny Bumper Stickers

Order online

Internet nowadays is part of our lives, or our culture even. Anything could be bought online – including bumper stickers! Check out these local and international websites for a sticker that suits your liking:

Café Press


Café press is an international online shop which includes different good buys. They also sell Filipino bumper stickers where Filipinos may relate to and even find funny, like “who says ay haban aksent?” (who says I have an accent?” and “teka muna, I run on Filipino time!” (wait a minute, I run on Filipino time!” Check them out here.


amazon stickers

Amazon practically has everything anyone needs, including bumper stickers! Check out this site for what interest you. However, it’s also an international shop so expect to receive your order after a couple of days or weeks. You’ll find the site here.

Prank Place

prankplace stickers

If you’re up to prank other people once they see the sticker, here’s the site for you. The site is another international site where they contain hilarious stickers which would definitely make your day. Some are comically offensive and the others are just downright funny. They even have magnetic stickers, too! Click here to go to the site.

Buy in malls

Ah, the “old-school” shopping. Malls sell all the things you need, for sure stickers are also included. Just have a look around the shops inside the mall and choose the one you want. You can even ask for a customized sticker! Here are some great ideas for you from Buzzfeed!

  • “If you can read this… you are probably pulling me over”
  • “I’m so gay I can’t even drive straight”
  • “NOBODY cares about your stick figure family”
  • “slide to unlock”
  • “Watch out for the idiot behind me”
  • “Jesus loves you, everyone just thinks you’re an a**hole”
  • “I had a life… but my job ate it”
  • “Don’t drink and drive, accidents cause people”
  • “The closer you get, the slower I’ll drive”

Show your Pinoy pride by having customized stickers like these, or simple logos that Pinoys can relate to.

  • “Half Filipino is better than none”
  • “I love MATH: Meryenda Almusal Tanghalian Hapunan”

Stickers are actually fun and witty to read. Have one placed at the back, side, or even on the muffler. Philippines’ humor is usually dark, personal, but hysterical, it’s suggested to have a customized sticker for your vehicle. Driving will be fun once you get these types of stickers for your car.

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