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Top 4 Best Project Cars to Restore

What are some of the best project cars to restore?

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Volkswagen Beetle
  3. Toyota Corona
  4. Ford Mustang


The joys of being a car enthusiast include having the opportunity to play around a little. Upgrades using a muffler for sale in the Philippines, interior revamping, and the thrill of taking a stock body and transforming it into something that is undeniably yours. These are all experiences that can be enjoyed in car restoration.

Working with a project car is a fulfilling endeavor and a serious venture at the same time. The best project cars have different mechanisms and requirements to make it a powerful one, but they all share the same thing: the feeling of satisfaction that it can give you once you have succeeded in turning it into a working and beautiful machine. Thinking about having a project car restoration of your own? Consider starting with these cars to restore:


Honda Civic


This Japanese brand has seen its fair share of models come and go, but the Honda Civic has stood the test of time. Its continuous production is a testament to this vehicle’s performance and sleek appearance.

The Cheat Sheet hails the Civic as one of the greatest and most popular commuter vehicles of all time. Its older versions may differ in horsepower than those of the newer models but it still features a lightweight frame with endless engine swap options. The lightweight chassis of the Civic and its reliable transmission makes it one of the best cars for a project since customization opportunities are available to every part of the vehicle.


Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle

Everyone remembers the era when the Beetle captured the hearts of the people. Dubbed as, “The Bug”, this German hatchback auto has lived through the changing times and it is now regarded as a classic car.

Practical and quirky to boot, the original Beetle is a reliable and affordable project car which will deliver satisfactory results. With many car enthusiasts hoping to restore a Beetle, you will be rewarded with many aftermarket parts that are for sale in the Philippines. Mufflers, engine parts, and electric parts can be used as an upgrade for the car. New body kits for a Volkswagen Bug can all be found in car shops in Manila which makes this an accessible restoration.


Toyota Corona


Looking for a little muscle to restore? Then the Toyota Corona is one of the best project cars you can do without leaving a dent in your budget!

The 1970s variant is a beautiful car that has been making waves in the car restoration industry until today. Its vintage look and feel is part of its charm which is suitable for those classic car enthusiasts seeking for the same quality. Toyota is also a household name that provides quality cars for people which will allow you to manage expectations in the most favorable way as possible.


Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

One look at a Mustang will surely have a car savvy person drool like there’s no tomorrow! The 1960-1970s models, in particular, have that special charm that is unrivaled in the American muscle car category with many people still flocking at the chance of restoring this beauty.

Fair warning, this can be an expensive project since Ford parts are hard to come by and the replacement parts do not guarantee a 100% suitability for the car. One thing’s for sure, no matter how much time and money you spend on it, restoring a Ford Mustang is a fulfilling experience unmatched by any other.


Key Takeaway


Vintage car restorations are one of the best experiences you can have as a car enthusiast. Many dream of restoring their very own project car and the cars included in this list have graced those dreams more times than you can count. If you don’t see your prospect car here in this list, then do not worry because the amount of work you put into it and the satisfaction that the restoration brings are what matters in the end.

Keep in mind that with car restoration comes determination, so if you are uncertain that you can put in much effort into it, then you might have to think twice before doing this. Car restoration takes a lot of grit and hard work which will come easy once you envision the end result of the project.

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