Top 6 Driving Habits to Avoid

What are the driving habits that you should be avoiding?

  1. Accelerating on Yellow Lights
  2. Tailgating
  3. Harsh or Last-Minute Braking
  4. Not Indicating When Switching Lanes
  5. Reckless Overtaking
  6. Checking Mobile Phones While Driving


Essentially, we were all taught the same road safety rules and driving methods. However, through time, everyone starts to develop their own driving quirks and not everyone drives exactly the way that they were taught. (Alprazolam) While we all want less traffic, more convenience, and a fuss-free driving experience, there are habits that could put you (and other road users) at high risk for serious, or even life-threatening events. You might be unaware that you’ve been doing these all along. Here are the top driving habits to avoid:


Accelerating on Yellow Lights

You’ve probably had the urge to often beat the traffic light to skip another minute or two of waiting. Just because the red light isn’t flashed yet, doesn’t mean that you should pick up the pace and accelerate on the yellow light. A yellow traffic light means to “slow down”. Doing it otherwise is not only unsafe but could increase your risk of receiving a ticket.



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Nowadays, many drivers tailgate behind slow-moving vehicles. However, tailgating is a completely unnecessary and dangerous driving practice. It promotes road-rage, forbids you from sustaining a clear view of the road ahead of you, and could cause a collision.


Harsh or Last-Minute Braking

Tailgating could also cause harsh or last-minute breaking. Apart from the fact that you are increasing your risk for skidding and being hit by the car behind you, it also takes a toll on your car. Specifically, your tires and breaks.


Not Indicating When Switching Lanes

Not Indicating When Switching Lanes

Not using your signal lights is probably one of the most dangerous driving habits. It may be easy to forget and it might seem unnecessary to you when you’re so used to driving. Remember, the sole purpose of your blinkers and indicators is to let the drivers around you know your next step. Failure to indicate could risk the lives of other drivers and pedestrians on the road.


Reckless Overtaking

Overtaking is one of the top causes of major car accidents on the road. Yes, overtaking can be done in some cases. But most drivers seem to take advantage of this and overtake whenever and wherever they can. Always be mindful when overtaking — make sure you have enough room, indicate early, and be aware of the other cars surrounding you.


Checking Mobile Phones While Driving

Checking Mobile Phones While Driving

If you didn’t already know, using mobile phones while driving is illegal. In no way or circumstance should you be using or checking your gadgets in the car. It doesn’t matter if it is just for a matter of seconds, or if you are stuck in traffic or waiting in queues. The risks and fines that it imposes are not worth it.


Key Takeaway

You’re probably guilty of at least one of these driving habits to avoid. While we all want faster, more convenient, and traffic-free driving experiences, it is simply not worth the danger, risk, and trouble. Be a responsible driver – make sure to always practice careful driving at all times!