Top Causes of Car Breakdowns


top causes of car breakdowns

There are few muffler sellers in the Philippines offering high-end yet affordable mufflers to provide best performance for its consumers. Apart from having technology advanced mufflers, owning an efficient battery, tires, and engine is also essential as these parts are important in keeping your vehicle in its best condition and maintaining its value.

As a driver, you must know some of the essential maintenance hacks to prevent your car from breaking down. Provided below are few of the top reasons for car breakdowns and their quick fix (or ways of prevention).


Engine Overheating

One of the common reasons for car breakdown is when the engine overheats. Some of the common reasons for overheating include leakage in your vehicle’s cooling system, a clogged radiator, stuck thermostat, and faulty water pump.

A clogged radiator is caused by various dirt and debris accumulated by the radiator over time. Regularly inspect the radiator to see if there is already dirt on it. The water pump is responsible for circulating the coolant throughout the engine. A faulty water pump will prevent the engine from functioning well and may lead to overheating. Moreover, it is important to maintain the cooling system of your vehicle by having an annual maintenance and replacement of its parts.

Dead or Low Battery

Lights and radio left on, battery terminals are corroded, and old age are some of the reasons why your car’s battery fails. Sustain its energy by regularly using your car vehicle. If you have a non-maintenance-free wet-cell battery,  you’ll need to check its water level (or have it checked) every 2-3 months.

Tire Blowout

Check the condition of your tires before hitting the road. Look for uneven wear, pressure, and tread depth (the minimum tread depth should be 1.6 mm) which should show you signs whether it’s time to replace your tire. Always keep a spare tire in your car in case your tires break down.

Failure in Engine Lubrication

The oil keeps your vehicle’s engine running smoothly. It also reduces the friction in the engine and carries away the heat, so if there is reduction in oil level, rods and pistons may run hot. Have it checked regularly to ensure the performance of your vehicle.


Regardless if you have a pre-loved or a new vehicle, your car may break down at any time. As a car owner, you should conduct a regular maintenance and tune-up to keep your vehicle in its best condition. Regular inspection of battery, brakes, oil level, and tires before heading out to your destination is required to make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape.