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April Fool's Car

Top April Fool’s Day Jokes by Car Manufacturers

Who would have thought that car manufacturers have a sense of humor? As it turns out, every year these companies try to outdo each other with their ridiculous stunts and jokes. Who knows what they will come up with? Perhaps a super magnetic steel tube underneath the hood? Or a remote controlled speed accelerator? Below are four April Fool’s Day jokes that car manufacturers pulled this year.

Škoda Fabia’s Colorful Innovation

Škoda Fabia’s Colorful Innovation

Škoda understands how hard it is to pick your car’s color. So what did this Czech automotive company do with one of their Fabia car models? Why, they created the Colour Concept system for that quick color change! For an additional €500 (Php 23,747), you can have this function installed. You can use the ShadeChange function to change the color of your car’s body, roof and wheels. Just pick what car part you’d like to “paint” on the infotainment screen and select the color that you’d like and that part will change color.

According to Dr. Gio Kyng, head of the engineering team that created the tech, each part of the car is covered with a microscopic layer of Unobtanium, which changes color when a small electrical charge surges through. It would have been cool, only Unobtanium doesn’t exist! So much for that color-changing ride.

Holden’s Purrrfect Package

Holden’s Purrrfect Package

The whole world is gaga over cats. Just look at how they reacted when Tardar Sauce AKA Grumpy Cat hit the web and became an internet sensation. Well, Australian carmaker GM Holden took note of this and on April 1, 2015, they happily announced that their Commodore car model can now be modified for cat lovers everywhere. Dubbed the Commodore Cat Pack, the ride can now have “fur-retardant” seats, a feeding dish for your feline companion and a scratching post for all their clawing needs. Plus, it’ll have an awesome cat decal for your hood!

Bad news for you cat lovers, though! GM Holden was just pulling your leg! Perhaps next year they’ll announce a dog-friendly car.

Nissan’s Weight Loss Idea

Nissan’s Weight Loss Idea

These days, practically everyone wants to lose weight in the easiest way possible. So what did Japanese car company Nissan do? Why, they included a weight loss system in their the X-Trail and Qashqai crossovers! Just by pressing the “Gym” button, the driver assistance system will be turned off and the driver will be able to workout while inside their car. There will be an increased resistance in the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals with the gearbox gate stiffening. And how do you know how much calories you’ve burned? Just check out the “Gym and Go” app on the infotainment system, where the calories burned wil be recorded. Personal trainer Raol Ofil says that with regular use, the driver will be able to burn an estimated 1,415 calories per week.

But once again, it’s too good to be true! So better hit the gym and maintain a healthy diet instead to lose weight.

BMW’s “Serious” Joke


Imagine walking into a car dealership expecting the ad on the newspaper to be a joke only for it to be the real deal. That’s what happened to Tianna Marsh who decided to answer BMW New Zealand’s ad. It said that the first person to come in with their old car will be able to swap it for a brand new BMW 1 Series. While most people took it as a joke, she decided to take a chance. Well, to cut the story short, she drove her 15-year-old car to the dealership and went home with a brand new ride. Now that’s one April Fool’s day joke that proves Ms. Marsh isn’t a fool!

Whether to gain publicity or to simply have fun, these car manufacturers would stop at nothing to make things less borring, particularly during April Fool’s Day. And along the way, they’ll continue to give us those hot set of wheels we all covet!

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