Top 5 Car Wax Brands that will Make your Car Look Brand New

Shiny Car

People aren’t the only ones you can do a makeover on. Your car deserves one, too! Don’t let its look fade away before your very eyes; bring back the luster it once had and fall in love with it all over again.

Of course, the health of your car parts will always be your priority, but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your car’s aesthetic value altogether.

Your car won’t take care of itself, you know. It’s time to take charge and protect your auto from external factors that can be daunting to its paint and appeal. Can’t have bird droppings, grime, and unstable weather conditions ruin the precious paint job and glorious metal stamping on your beloved vehicle, right?

Good thing there are innovative solutions available in the market to undertake this job for you!

Wax can help maintain the stellar appearance of your ride. It keeps it protected and shiny with regular use. Consumers and auto experts are in chorus when picking out the best car wax brands that they want for their cars.

Turtle Wax

Running in first place is the Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wax T-6. With this, you can get a spot-free look on your car. It thoroughly cleanses the car’s outer surface plus it’s not hard on the cash department, which you can buy this wax for as low as $6.44 to $10.26. Deemed as the queen of waxes, Turtle Wax makes the shell water-repellent to ensure a long lasting, pollutant-free exterior.

The Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax comes in second place for its “easy to apply, easy to remove” quality. Liquid in form, you can put it on by hand or by using a buffer or polisher. Like Turtle Wax, Black Magic is also rather inexpensive, costing a measly $8 per bottle.

Draw out the sexiness from your car by giving it a fresh wet-look. With the use of Hydrophobic Polymer Technology, the Meguiar’s G-12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax safeguards your car against the harshness of water, corrosive variables, oxidation and the like that can most likely cause surface degradation. Its price is pitched a bit higher than the two aforementioned, doubling the cost at $20 a piece, but it is still among the affordable brands in the market.

Nestled at fourth is the Pinnacle Souveran paste wax. Perfectly formulated with Brazilian ivory carnauba and natural oil ingredients, it gives the paste wax its most unique non-staining trait that lists it at the top five. Your car will look absolutely stunning as this wax covers it with a water-proof coating on your black or deep red rides that will also bring out the sassiest appeal for your vehicle.

Last but not the least among the top five candidates is the Nu Finish NFP-80 wax. At the cost of $8, you can have that perfect showroom shine for your car as well as the all-out durable shield for the surface.

With the top five most desired wax brands being settled, it won’t be hard finding the suitable wax for your vehicle that will revamp its surface to the point of looking good as new.