4 Crazy Car Stunts That Would Leave Your Mouth Hanging Open

What do you get when you mix up physics, cars, innovative minds and daredevils? Car stunts! And not just your ordinary stunts; no, the ones we’re going to talk about would definitely blow your minds away! And although we highly doubt that the car’s mufflers and other parts would remain intact afterwards, we’re definitely certain that their feats will have an everlasting impact on the audiences.

Mall Car Chase (The Blues Brothers, 1980)

The Blues Brothers, 1980

Based on the musical sketch made by NBC’s Saturday Night Live, this film is known for its insane stunts. All in all, 103 cars were wrecked over during filming. But one of the most memorable stunts is the police car chase inside the mall. The Blues brothers could not get out of the Mall’s parking lot so what did they do? Guide their Bluesmobile through the mall to escape the fez! The brothers and the police recklessly drive inside the shopping center, crashing into carts though (thankfully) not into people. In the end, though, they managed to evade capture.

Seven V12 Cannon Rolls (Casino Royale, 2006)

Casino Royale, 2006

James Bond films aren’t just known for their shaken-not-stirred vodka martinis, gorgeous women and intense fight scenes; they’re also popular for their ridiculously high-tech rides and car stunts. For instance, in Casino Royale, James Bond was speeding down a road in Montenegro when he sees Vesper Lynd. He then steers his car to the side and his V12 cannon rolls seven times, beating the old record set by the Aston Martin DBS V12 when it made six cannon rolls onscreen. In reality, they didn’t use a V12 for the stunt, opting instead for a modified Aston Martin D9 as this car is the best for the stunt. They used pressurized cannon rolls to get the it rolling seven times and even then it was unexpected since the production didn’t expect as they only expected only four to five.

Accidental Chariot Stunt (Ben-Hur, 1959)

Ben-Hur, 1959

Though technically not a car stunt, many agree that the chariot race scene of this 1959 classic film can rival any death-defying car stunt don by most modern flicks. During the race, Ben-Hur is thrown over the front of his chariot and manages not to fall and slip under his chariot. Instead, he climbs back into the chariot and is able to gain control once again of his horse-powered vehicle. A lot of people might not know it, but it’s actually a real accident. The stuntman was stunt director Yakima Cannutt’s son, Joe. During filming, the chariot hit some debris on the location and bounced, which nearly made Joe hurl over. Luckily, he managed to get back up!

Airplane Stunt (Fast and Furious 7, 2015)

Fast and Furious 7, 2015

Over the past several years, the Fast and Furious franchise have awed us all with wild car stunts, each bigger and crazier than the last. And in their most recent installment, Fast and Furious 7, they may have come up with their best vehicle-related feat to date: driving cars while parachuting out of an airplane. In the film, the Toretto’s gang and their cars were driven and parachuted off a C-130 cargo plane, landing perfectly on the road as they drive off. Nope, it wasn’t CGI; they did drop cars off a C-130 plane. And mind you they did it not just once but several times! The cars were heavily modified and equipped with parachutes. Cameramen and helicopters followed the cars as they dropped down 130 miles to the ground. As for landing on the ground, a pulley system was set up to allow the cars to dangle six to eight feet before sliding down the road.

Car stunts are awesome on film but remember that every second of those death-defying feats took weeks of preparation and lots of effort by professional racers and stuntmen. So don’t even think of trying those out on your own—no matter how tempted you are!