Why You Should Use Tire Black For Your Car


If you’ve ever owned a car, you would understand just how much effort it takes to constantly maintain it. Not only would you have to stay on top of various vehicle repairs, but you would also have to bring your car to a service center for an oil change, or a tire pressure check – just to name a few.


Why should you use tire black for your car?

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The tires are some of the components of your vehicle that are constantly exposed to wear and tear. They are constantly under duress from traversing in different types of terrain. Knowing the benefits of tire black will restore your wheels to their former luster. Simply put, the purpose of tire black or tire dressing is to restore the former black shine of your tires.

It’s understandable that you would want them to remain not only functional but aesthetically appealing the longer you use your vehicle. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of using tire black for your car’s wheels.


Prevents Tire-cracking

As an important component of your vehicle, you want to ensure that your tires remain stable and are not easily prone to breakage or cracking. For example, if you’re driving to work every day, your car will more likely give in to different stress levels because it passes on different types of surfaces. Visit your local gasoline service station to top-up your tires with air, maintaining their optimal pressure.

You would want to avoid a situation wherein your vehicles’ tires suddenly give in just as you’re driving in the middle of the road. By using tire black, you’re avoiding such dangerous situations from potentially occurring. Tire black also helps prevent instances of cracking as well as other minor deformations on your tires.


Shines Tires

A car's shiny tires

Imagine yourself in this situation: you wake up one morning and look at your vehicle’s tires. You don’t really know when it exactly began, but only now do you notice that your tires have lost their former luster. Suddenly, you feel nostalgic about the first time you purchased your vehicle – everything was pristine, and everything was new.

Thankfully for you, you can recreate the shiny wheels of your brand new car with tire black. Another added purpose of tire black is that it is able to restore the former shine of your vehicle’s tires. This chemically-based component, when applied to the rubber of your tires, gives it a darker shine.

Tire blacks are fairly easy to apply since they can come in aerosol cans and sprays for your ease.


Adds Durability To Tires

Aside from the aesthetic value that tire black has on your vehicle, it also helps in giving your wheels an additional coating or protective layer. As mentioned before, your wheels are constantly subject to stress because you constantly maneuver your vehicle on different types of surfaces.

With tire black, it would lessen instances of you having to visit a gasoline station just to maintain the pressure levels of your vehicle. With the added durability, you can potentially increase your vehicle’s fuel economy, offering you more savings in the future.


Removes Dirt and Grime

A car tire stuck in mud

Aside from technical car maintenance, cleaning your vehicle is probably one of the most laborious things you have to do. Cleaning your car’s exterior is just as important as cleaning the interior of your vehicle. You want to make sure that you get to every nook and cranny that you can easily miss if you don’t adapt thorough cleaning practices.

However, oftentimes the most overlooked part of your vehicle when it comes to cleaning is the tires. Using the wrong chemical agents can potentially ruin your wheels and expose them to greater wear and tear.

A benefit tire black offers is that it can remove dirt and grime on your vehicle’s wheels. Instead of simply using water and soap, you can use tire black to effectively keep your wheels clean.


Adds Shine To Wheels

You can also utilize tire black not only with the rubber part of your wheels but also its metal parts. With the proper application and usage, you can also restore the former shine and luster of the rims of your vehicle’s wheels.

Tire black is another alternative from the waxes that may prove to be more difficult to apply on tire rims. Simply spray them on and wipe thoroughly to achieve the desired outcome. In no time, you’ll be able to restore your rims’ former shine.


Different Types Of Tire Black

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Generally, there exist two different types of tire black in the market. Tire black can either be water-based or solvent-based.



All tire black products typically contain silicone fluid as an active ingredient as well as a solvent by which to dissolve the active silicone. In water-based tire black, the main solvent is simply water. The silicone fluid, which is a type of oil, is emulsified into the solvent.

Water-based tire black can come in different levels of viscosity, depending on the presence of a thickener in the product. They are typically more environmentally-friendly compared to solvent-based. They can also give your tires a satin-finish.



On the other hand, solvent-based tire black is considered to be more flammable because of the chemical component present in it. Using this type of tire black can give your tires a more glossy-like surface.


Key Takeaway

Tire black benefits your wheels in a number of ways. It will restore the former luster of your vehicle, add another layer of durability, and reduce maintenance cleaning. When buying tire black, or tire dressing, you should first ensure that you know the product specifications. It would be in your best interest to consider whether water-based or solvent-based tire black is more appropriate for your wheels.

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