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5 Tips for A Smoother Truck Ride

What are some tips for a smoother truck ride?

  1. Reduce your truckload
  2. Lessen the unsprung mass
  3. Fasten the U-bolt
  4. Use the right tire pressure
  5. Replace your leaf springs


There are numerous reasons why you would want a smoother truck ride. If you’re driving for long periods to transport raw materials or heavy goods, sitting in a bumpy vehicle will increase your fatigue. Besides, if steering your truck feels like you’re in a theme park roller coaster, it might be a sign that there’s a more serious problem you need to address—such as replacing the U-bolt in the Philippines! Keep on reading.


Reduce Your Truck Load

Have you ever pressed on the brake pads on your vehicle only to have it stop after a few seconds? This is because an overloaded truck requires more distance before stopping. You’ll also have trouble steering, accelerating, and maneuvering it properly. When a person or a car suddenly appears in front of you, you won’t have the leeway to stop your truck in time. Because of this, you can reduce your truckload.


Lessen the Unsprung Mass

Rear view of the trailer on a Class 8 commercial truck on the highway.

When it comes to weight, there are two kinds—sprung and unsprung mass. The former refers to what is carried by the suspension system such as the chassis, motor, interior, passengers, and cargo. These are the components that will move up and down as you go along the ride. On the other hand, the unsprung mass is what constitutes the suspension system, wheels, tires, brakes, and axles.

With less unsprung mass, you will generally have more control of the wheels. The tires will be in contact with the road, allowing you to have a smoother ride.


Fasten The U-Bolt

The U-bolt is a vital part in keeping leaf springs—which is a part of the suspension system—in place. If it becomes loose to the point of rattling around, the leaf springs can move sideways. The U-bolt can also hit the axle which can lead to breakage. At this point, your vehicle will be much harder to handle.

To avoid breaking your U-bolts, you should not overload your truck. It is also recommended to have this inspected by a mechanic for corrosion. Fortunately, it can be easily replaced when it reaches its end of life.


Use The Right Tire Pressure

Trucker Making Tire Check

A common root problem of rough and bumpy rides is tire issues. When airing it, you should always follow your manufacturer’s recommendation. While not having enough air can make it unresponsive, having too much can make small rocks feel like huge speed bumps on the road. Because of this, you need to fill them in every 2 weeks.


Replace Your Leaf Springs

If your truck is slouching on the side, sagging on the back, and the suspension system is bottoming out, chances are high that you need a new leaf spring. While this component can last for a long time, daily wear, tear and overuse can cause it to break down. If you don’t want to risk an accident, replacing them as soon as possible is recommended.


Key Takeaway

A smoother truck ride is not just more comfortable but also safer—especially for huge vehicles which carry heavy loads. That’s why if ever you experience a rough and bumpy driving experience, it is important to have your truck inspected by professionals.

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