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3 Tips for Car Radiator Replacement

What are some tips for buying a car radiator replacement?

  1. Know the different types of radiators
  2. Visit an auto repair shop
  3. Inspect the radiator core and tanks


Your vehicle’s combustion engine does many things, especially when it’s already in motion. To combat the amount of heat generated, automotive vehicles will always have a radiator — the engine component designed to circulate cool air around the engine in order to prevent it from overheating. But what happens when your radiator fails? What do you do when its parts have already broken down past the point of repair? You’ll definitely need a couple of car radiator replacement tips that will help you choose the right kind of radiator for your vehicle. Read on to learn more.


Know The Different Types of Radiators

Know The Different Types of Radiators

Before purchasing a replacement radiator, you have to understand that there are different kinds of this vehicle part. Radiator types are oftentimes classified according to the kind of metal or alloy that was used in manufacturing. In particular, they can be grouped according to copper-brass or aluminum radiators.



Copper-brass radiators have been in use for many decades in the industry because they can significantly lower vehicle tonnage. Unlike other traditional radiator builds, a copper-brass radiator will allow you to save up to 50% of vehicle weight costs. Most modern copper-brass radiators to date have also been made out of smaller parts, for improved functionality and protecting radiator pipes from damage.



Similar to their copper-brass counterparts, aluminum radiators are also lightweight, which improves engine performance and reduces drag. Aluminum radiators also have excellent heat dissipation, meaning they can cool different vehicle engines much more effectively.

One downside with aluminum radiators, however, is that they can have a faster rate of wear and tear due to the welding process. In this case, it may be economical to choose a copper-brass radiator that has stronger and more stable solder joints than aluminum models.


Visit an Auto Part Repair Shop

Now that you know the first few things about the different types of radiator replacement, it’s now time for you to visit an auto part repair shop. See to it that you choose only a supplier that is known for providing quality radiators and other engine parts.

Roberts AIPMC, in particular, has been providing world-class automotive radiators for several decades now. If you can’t find one in other stores that meet your requirements, you can inquire about Roberts AIPMC on this page and find out your options for customized radiators.


Inspect The Radiator Core and Tanks

Inspect The Radiator Core and Tanks

When first buying a radiator, be it copper-brass, aluminum (or single-core/dual-core), you expect it to be in good condition as if made straight from the factory. However, you can’t always leave these things up to the manufacturer. Poorly-made radiators may get by quality standards, which is why you have to do the job of inspecting them by yourself.

You don’t have to be a professional to know that a brand new radiator is in good condition. Instead, you need only make simple visual inspections, like ensuring that the fins aren’t bent or distorted, there are no cracks near the welds, tanks, and there aren’t any signs of rusting/corrosion.

Most of the time, you won’t really figure out if your replacement radiator is up to par until it’s installed and used. Knowing this, you also have to check for any leaks coming from the radiator. Start your car for at least 20 minutes and then make sure there are no visible signs of leakage.


Key Takeaway

Is your vehicle’s radiator due for a replacement? Let these car radiator replacement tips above help you out. Before choosing a radiator remember that there are different types available on the market — see if the copper-brass or aluminum radiator would be a better fit for the car. Then you have to contact your local automotive shop to see if they have the available model you’re looking for.

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