Tiger Leaf Spring

Cars aren’t simply buckets of bolts on wheels with an engine to make it run. If that were so, then no one would ever buy one. Aside from the recognized parts such as the tires and engine, there are other items that contribute to the overall good-quality performance of a car.

The muffler, or tailpipe, allows the power of the engine to course through it, enabling the car to move forward. The windshield wipers keep water away from the glass during rain, allowing you to see clearly during stormy weather.

The suspension system is also a very important part of an automobile. They bear the shock a car experiences when going through rough terrain, giving passengers a comfortable ride. There are the traditional suspension coils you see in lightweight vehicles. But when it comes to heavy duty shock absorbing, nothing does the job better than leaf springs.


What are leaf springs?

Leaf springs are automobile suspension devices composed of thin sheets of metal bolted together. These are located beneath a vehicle, at the end of a wheel’s axle. These sheets of bolted metal strips are curved downward in order to absorb the shock of humps, potholes, and other road bumps, in a similar manner to suspension coils. Not only that, leaf springs also distribute weight evenly across the vehicle.

This type of suspension system is not found in automobiles like sedans, passenger vans, or compact cars. Leaf springs from the Philippines are built for heavy-duty cargo vehicles such as passenger buses, cargo trucks/vans, and tankers. With their association to such large vehicles, this suspension device is built to withstand the harshest, most rigorous on-road stress a driver may encounter in his/her journey.


How it works

The leaf springs location underneath the vehicle (at the ends of the wheel’s axles, to be exact) allows the device to be maximized completely. As mentioned above, leaf springs are curved downward in order to work properly.

When a vehicle goes through an elevated portion of the road or a pothole or depression, the leaf spring curves upward. This action absorbs the shock and pushes the vehicle into an upright position, providing a comfortable ride for the passengers inside.



The two kinds of leaf springs found are the mono leaf spring and the multi leaf spring. True to its name, a mono leaf spring is composed of only one sheet of metal, thick in the middle and tapering towards its ends. The first type of leaf spring is capable of supporting light to medium loads for your vehicle.

However, if you’re looking for a leaf spring that can easily bear the weight of much heavier loads, then the multi leaf spring is more suited to your vehicle. The multi leaf spring is composed of several metal strips bolted together at the center. It looks like its cousin, the mono leaf spring, except the middle portion will be much thicker because of the combination of strips.


What vehicles use leaf springs

Apart from the examples mentioned above, AUVs, mega taxis, and mixer trucks use leaf springs for their suspension system.


Tiger Leaf Springs

When it comes to leaf springs, Roberts AIPMC only uses the best, homegrown kind: Tiger, a world-class original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product.

Tiger leaf springs are the only of its kind recognized by major OEM companies such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Honda. We make sure that all leaf springs manufactured pass the OEM standards before and after sales to clients.

Tiger leaf springs are tested by unique mechanical instruments to ensure they are made only of the highest quality. Some of these devices include:


  • Infra red gun – This machine verifies the exact temperature needed for both the furnace and product before it is cooled.
  • Brinell hardness testing machine – This device determines if the leaf spring’s solidity.
  • Load testing machine – This tool reveals the load-bearing capabilities of the leaf spring and its weight threshold.
  • Fatigue tester – The fatigue tester establishes the leaf spring’s toughness and flexibility.
  • Shot peening machine – This device removes any rough patches on the sheets of the leaf spring, smoothening the surface.
  • It is these practices that have made Tiger leaf spring a trusted and award-winning brand, with recognitions in Best in Quality, Most Competitive Cost, and Best in Delivery.


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