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Stuck in Traffic? Here are 5 Worthwhile Things You Can Do

Traffic is a very common sight in the Philippines. And more often than not, you’ll find yourself stuck on the road there for quite a long stretch, leaving you fidgeting with boredom and irritation. Being impatient with the traffic flow wouldn’t do you any good, and taking your frustration out on your car’s U-bolts, mufflers, and other parts certainly would make things worse! So if you want to while away time in the best way possible while stuck in a traffic jam, then here’s a list of things you can do.


Go Sound Trippin’

singing in the car

One of the things people love doing in their cars is singing. And when stuck in a traffic jam, it’s a great way to make time run fast! So why don’t you try it? If you have someone with you, then you could even encourage them to sing along. Don’t mind the other motorists giving you strange looks if they see you waving your arms like crazy. For all we know, they want to sing along, too!


Read a Book


Now don’t get us wrong here, okay? Reading while behind the wheel is bad advice—even if you’re stuck in traffic. Not only would you endanger yourself and others, but you would also get in trouble with the law!


However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite books while on the road. How, you might ask? Why, by listening to its audio version! Now-a-days, there are lots of audiobooks available, allowing bookworms to enjoy their favourite read by listening to it. With it, you can kill time while stuck in a traffic jam and catch up on your favourite novel in one go.


Take a Selfie

selfie in car

We’re not telling you to take hundreds of selfies while stuck in traffic. But a few ones wouldn’t hurt! So while everything’s on a standstill, grab your smartphone and start snapping! If you have your pal with you, then take twofies, or if there are other people in the backseat, then a groufie is in order! Just make sure you’re still alert enough so you can move your car immediately in case traffic flow goes smoothly again.


Grab Some Snacks

eating in car

If you’re still stuck in traffic and your stomach is rumbling, then don’t hesitate to eat. Go ahead and munch on that snack you brought for your trip. You could even take your lunch, if you’re that hungry! There are also street vendors out there, selling candies, snacks, cigarettes, and bottled water, although you should be street-wise when dealing with them.


Get Organized

to do list

Take advantage of those long hours stuck in your car by making a to-do list. Write down everything you need to do for the next few days (or weeks for that matter). Simply put, get organized. That way, your schedule won’t be as hectic as before.


While doing these things, it’s still best to stay alert. You mustn’t forget that you’re still on the road, even if you’re stuck in really nasty traffic jam. Remember to obey traffic rules as well as everything you know to keep yourself and others safe while driving.


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