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4 Symptoms of A Clogged Muffler


What are some symptoms of a clogged muffler?

  1. Erratic noise
  2. Lower fuel economy
  3. Reduced power and acceleration
  4. Odor coming from emissions


A car’s exhaust system is paramount in keeping the combustion process up to par with industry standards. Simply forgetting to do your car maintenance duties can already make the difference between having functioning and non-functioning components. If you’re unaware of the most common clogged muffler symptoms, then you may want to change that.

A car muffler is responsible for reducing the noise produced by your vehicle. Continue reading for some of the most common clogged muffler symptoms to look out for.


Erratic Noise

A woman hearing a noise in her car

An obvious sign of a clogged muffler is loud noises emanating from your vehicle. You may begin noticing an almost unbearable rumbling noise as you’re running the engine or as you’re simply cruising on the road.

Once you encounter this, you have to make sure to take your car to a servicing shop that can unclog the catalytic converter. This is the part of the muffler system where the noise is coming from. Experts may also advise you to have your muffler repaired or be replaced with a brand new one from trusted companies such as Roberts AIPMC.


Lower Fuel Economy

A person putting fuel in their car

Cars are not just a one-time investment. You need to be able to spend a significant amount of cash topping it up with fuel the more you use it. If you find that you’re making more frequent trips to the fuel service station, then it may be a tell-tale sign that something is clogging the muffler or the emissions control device.

You may not easily take note of the changes, but if you’re having some suspicions about the function of the muffler, make it a habit to track your car’s monthly performance. Take note of information such as the frequency of your fuel top-ups or the mileage left at the end of every week.


Reduced Power and Acceleration

A snail pulling a slow car

Apart from reducing the noise produced by the engine, the car muffler is responsible for maintaining the overall acceleration and performance of the vehicle.

Over time, you may begin noticing that your car is performing more sluggishly on the road compared to previous occasions. If you find yourself having to press on the gas pedal with more pressure, then it’s an indication of a problem with your car’s muffler.

Once again, the best course of action would be to have the vehicle inspected by a professional who can advise you on replacing the muffler.


Odor Coming From Emissions

A woman smelling a foul odor in her car

This is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous problems in the muffler. As mentioned before, this component is responsible for maintaining the vehicle’s exhaust function in working order. Included in this is the capacity for the material to redirect exhaust fumes away from the vehicle. Once you start smelling a strong odor emanating from your car, then it’s a sign of bad air circulation inside the engine due to a clogged muffler.

When inhaled, the fumes can become toxic to the human body and may even cause further respiratory problems. Avoiding health problems during this time is likely one thing you should be focusing on. Make sure that you bring your vehicle to a professional as soon as possible. They would be able to accurately identify the source of the problem and give you a proper course of action to take.


Key Takeaway

Some clogged muffler symptoms you should always keep an eye out for include loud noises, exhaust fumes, low fuel economy, and poor road acceleration. Unsure about whether or not your car’s exhaust system is working in perfect order? It costs less to bring it to a servicing shop than to spend exorbitant amounts in mitigating the problem when it’s already too late.

The best piece of advice is to always have a professional inspect your clogged muffler so that you’ll be able to make a decision on investing in a new one.

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