Aston Martin DB10July 2015. Photo: Drew Gibson

Please Santa: 3 Supercars That should be on Your Wish List

A car’s metal parts such as its exterior should do justice to what makes the car go zoom. These three supercars do justice to their flashy, shiny, sleek exteriors as they invite you to take them out for a ride and forget your problems.


Porsche Boxter Spyder

Porsche Boxter Spyder

You know you’ve got a good one when you have the name “Porsche” attached to the model of the car. The Porsche Boxter Spyder happens to not only be one of the most gorgeous supercars to be released in the last year, but it’s also among the most powerful as its 3.8 liter V6 engine enables it to go from zero to a hundred kilometers per hour in less than five seconds. Of course, it helps that said engine produces 375 horsepower  and it also happens to be the lightest convertible Porsche has to offer today.

The Boxer Spyder may look all shiny and new, but inside it retains its old school-ness with its manual transmission and manually sewn fabric roof. You can’t help but admire its 20-inch wheels and all black leather interior. It’s also an upgrade from its 2011 predecessor interior has only performance in mind with its ascending center control just a few inches away from the downsized sport steering wheel and the optional bucket seats constructed out of glass/carbon-fiber reinforced plastic for weight reduction.


Ashton Martin DB10

Aston Martin DB10 July 2015.  Photo: Drew Gibson

Known to be the favourite car of James Bond, the Aston Martin has become synonymous to spy cars and sexy ladies. If you’ve always wanted to lead a life like his, perhaps this is the closes you will get as the DB10was Agent 007’s car for the film, “Spectre” starring the most recent Bond, Daniel Craig. In fact, the producers didn’t pick the car out for the film– the car was developed with the film in mind.

In celebration of their half a century partnership, Aston Martin wanted to create the ideal car for the world’s best spy.   With the first Aston Martin Bond car, the DB5, in mind, the team went on to creare a sports car anyone would envy. It was one of the most best kept secrets in the auto industry. If you want to own one, we have bad news for you. Only ten were manufactured with eight used for the filming and two show cars; however, there is a chance for you to have one of these beauties as one of the show cars is being auctioned for charity in 2016.


McLaren 675LT

McLaren 675LT

Some may say power does not equate to beauty, but with just one look at the 2015 McLaren 675LT, you’ll definitely disagree with that statement. This sweet ride has a top speed of 330 KPH, a torque of 700 NM and a power of 675 PS. There is no doubt it was designed with speed as one of its major factors once your check out what’s underneath the hood. It is equipped with a Twin-Turbo M838TL 3.8 liter V-8 engine and a seven speed dual clutch gearbox.


The 675LT also happens to be the most powerful and most weight efficient vehicle in the McLaren Super Series as of press time. It’s the first McLaren in nearly two decades to be bestowed with the name of “Longtail”, a title derived from one of the best sports cars to ever grace the earth, the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’. Other admirable aspects of this car are its Butterfly doors and weight efficient carbon fiber bumpers, fenders and decklid. These features just make you want to hop behind the wheel and take this baby out on a spin, racing along a vacant freeway just to test its amazing speed.



For sure the vehicles we’ve mentioned have done justice to the title “supercar”. As for us, we cannot wait for what the automobile industry has in store for 2016.

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