Street Cred Ruined: The Ugly Truth Behind Pimp My Ride

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Yo dawg! Do you have a car that is just a tow away from rotting away in a junk yard? Are the steel tubes in your car rusting away? Do you often feel embarrassed by the piece of junk you need to drive around in? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you deserve your own guest spot on MTV’s Pimp MY Ride. That is, if your head is still stuck in the early 2000s.

Pimp my Ride was one of MTVs biggest shows in the early 2000s. Hosted by rapper Xzibit, the show quickly gained a reputation for out-of-this-world blinged-out vehicle makeovers. From ugly cars to fancy rides, the show was packed with all sorts of gimmicks and surprises. But what exactly went on when cameras weren’t rolling? Read on if you want to know the ugly truth behind “Pimp My Ride”.

The Owners Had to Return Some of the Goods

In the case of some owners, contraptions were quickly taken off once filming ended. 24 inch spinner rims, fancy TV set-ups, even quirky drink contraptions were all taken from the cars right after the shoot ended. Why? Not that the Pimp My Ride crew was cheap, but according to a producer, they had to take away additions for safety reasons.

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The Pimped-Out Cars Lacked True Substance

The cars looked way fancier after the makeover, but that was pretty much it. There were guests who complained of how their cars needed more work to make it functional again, making the pimping procedure pretty pointless. If you think that’s bad, then get this: there was an incident where one car just exploded out of nowhere. So much for having a blast with your tricked-out car.

The Crazy Reactions Were Often Staged

Remember those moments when car owners would go ballistic over their new pimped out rides? Well, apparently, some of them were actually staged. Some owners reported that producers would approach them and ask them for a reshoot when their reactions lacked excitement. Just proves that reality TV is anything far from real.

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Pimping Lasted Weeks, Not Days

Viewers were often amazed by how so much pimping can be done overnight. However, the sad truth is that the car transformations took months before they could be unveiled. Some owners even had to fork out their own money for renting out a workspace while the repairs went on. One owner even had to hound MTV for a reimbursement. Of course he got what he deserves; he just had to wait two years though.

Producers Pimped Some Owners’ Personalities

It seems producers weren’t just in the business of fixing up cars, they were also in the business of fixing up people. If the owners weren’t interesting enough, producers would work around that to come up with an interesting take on the owners. According to one owner, he was approached by the producers to break up with his girlfriend so that he’ll seem like a “playa”. Not cool, Pimp My Ride, not cool.

A lot of people may have been blinded by the show’s shiny whips, but the reality is that Pimp MyRide, just like most reality TV shows, is that it’s not real. So if you thought this cool MTV program was too good to be true ever since day one, then you’ve been right all along.