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How Are Steel Tubes Used in the Motor Industry

Steel is a versatile material that can be shaped into different forms, which allow it to be used in a wide variety of applications. Along with being widely used in the construction industry, steel is also used in various fields, such as the manufacturing and automotive industry.

For the automotive industry, steel has become one of the primary materials used to manufacture vehicles and automotive parts, which can include mufflers, car frames, suspension frames, and even your local U-bolt. This versatility has helped it become one of the best materials to be used in the motor industry, being applied in many ways to provide vehicles with quality parts.


Applications of steel tubes in the motor industry

The qualities of steel, such as durability, lightweight, and flexibility have made steel and stainless tubes for automotive applications possible. Being used to create a diverse selection of parts, steel tubes can be applied to different types of vehicles present in the industry. Here is how steel tubes are used in the motor industry.


Cars and Trucks

Cars And Trucks

One of the most common applications of steel tubes in the automotive industry is for the manufacturing of parts for cars and trucks. Exhaust pipes are among the most popular parts made from steel tubes. Some car and truck parts that use steel tubes are sway bars which help reduce the body roll of a vehicle during turning, adding more support to the vehicle’s suspension.

A vehicle’s propeller shaft is another part that is manufactured using steel tubes. Also known as the driveshaft, propeller shafts help transfer the engine power to the wheels of a car or truck, allowing it to run. Lastly, another important part that is developed from steel tubes is the CV joint. A feature present in front-wheel drive vehicles, the CV joint is a part that helps transfer the power of the drive shaft at variable angles and has also been used in both four-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles as well.



Steel tube parts are prominently used in several motorcycle parts. A major part that uses steel tubes is a motorcycle’s frame, which makes up its main structure. The frame is the foundation where many parts will be placed, such as the engine, fuel tank, and suspension assembly. The handlebar is a part that can be made from a strong steel tube.

Whether it be stock or customized, the number of steel tubes used in the manufacturing of motorbikes are highly evident, as their primary structure comprises of a series of tubes that help give the vehicle its distinct form.




A classic Filipino vehicle, the jeepney has provided the transportation needs of many people across the country for several decades. This is also a vehicle that utilizes steel tubes for certain parts. Along with the propeller shaft and sway bars, the jeepney’s customizable body uses a wide array of steel tubes for its overall construction.

This can include the decorative parts that can be seen around the jeepney’s hood, bumpers, and side railings. The handles inside for the passengers are made from steel tubes as well. The jeepney is one of the most popular vehicles in the country, and its modified nature means that steel tubes play an important role in its construction.


Key Takeaway

Steel tubes are some of the most abundant materials used in manufacturing, making them very popular in the automotive industry. Being used to create a wide variety of parts, the use of steel tubes in the motor industry has played a prominent role in the manufacturing of quality vehicles.

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