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Using Steel Tubes for a DIY Skateboard Grindrail


How do I make my own skateboard grind rail?

  • Get some steel tubes, plate steel, a welder, steel primer, and a steel cutter.
  • Cut off the tube into two short legs and one long rail.
  • Cut the steel into bases for the rail.
  • Weld the legs to the feet and the rail to the legs.
  • Apply steel primer.


When most people look to buy a steel tube in the Philippines, it’s usually because they intend to repair his car. But there are so much more things that steel tubes can be used for. It can be used to upcycle furniture, create a bike, reinforce a structure, etc.

One of the easiest to do is to create a DIY grind rail. This is great because these many of the commercial grind rails are overpriced for literally a bunch of steel. Instead of purchasing a ready-made one, just grab some steel and a welder and you can make your very own for a very affordable price.


Materials Needed

The steel tube that you need is one with a 2 3/8” outer diameter with a thickness of ¼”. Most steel experts know this as a 2″ OD, Schedule 80, black steel pipe. For a square variant, get a 2”x2” square steel tube with a 1/8” or 3/16” thickness. This is also known as 2” Square Tubing. Get some plate steel – 3/16” thickness – and primer as well.

Skills Required

For this version of a grind rail you must know how to weld or hire someone that knows how. If you are looking to learn, then by all means go for it! It will be much easier than you there.


There are two ways you can create the guardrail. Whether you decide to use the round or square tube is completely up to you.


For the square version, you need to cut the tube  up into the following lengths:

  • 1 72” (6’) tube for the rail
  • 2 6 ¾” for the legs

Then you must also create the feet. You can do this by cutting up your steel plate into 2 12”x4” plates.

Weld the legs into the center of the feet while making sure they are perfectly perpendicular. Then, measure 9” from the end of the rail to the middle and mark it. This will be where the legs will go. Lay the rail on top of the two legs while making sure these marks are hit. Make sure everything is properly leveled before welding it into place.



The process of creating a round rail is almost completely the same as a square rail save for a few changes.

You will still want the 72” rail but the legs will 10½” this time around. It is highly recommend that the legs have a semi-circle grinded on each top end to fit the curve of the rail. While this isn’t required, it will make welding much easier. For the plate steel, use the same measurements as in the square version.

Again, weld the bottom of the legs into the center of the steel tube. Before placing the rail, mark a point 6” from both ends to mark where the legs will go. Place the legs on these marks with the rail on top and weld it into place.


Finally, for both versions, use a primer to buff it out the rail and protect it while it’s out in the sun.


Key Takeaway

As you can see, creating your own grind rail is very easy. It’s crazy how some companies over manufactured ones for outrageous prices. Why not up the game and create your own rails and sell them for a middle ground price? You and your skate buddies will surely enjoy being able to practice grinding right at home.

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