Signs Your Jeepney Radiator in the Philippines Needs a Radiator Replacement

What are the signs your jeepney radiator needs replacement?

  1. Overheating engine
  2. Poor engine performance
  3. Rusty radiator

Jeepneys are the main form of transportation in the Philippines. They have been known for being durable and reliable for years. But even the most durable cars need maintenance and repairs from time to time. One of the parts car owners must watch out for is their radiator. It does the important job of cooling the engine, and if it breaks down, it can cause the engine to stop working altogether. If you own a jeepney or drive one often, you need to know that you may need to replace the radiator. Here are a few important warning signs your jeepney radiator needs replacement:

Overheating Engine

Overheating Engine

If your jeepney’s engine is overheating, it is a clear indication of a malfunctioning radiator. The radiator plays a crucial role in regulating the engine temperature, so if the engine is running hot, it could be due to a clogged, damaged, or faulty radiator.

In the Philippines, Jeepneys utilize water to cool their radiators. To prevent overheating, drivers need to ensure that their radiators have sufficient water. Additionally, it’s important to consider the type of water used in the radiator. It’s recommended to steer clear of tap water and use distilled water instead, as tap water can contain minerals that may result in rust buildup due to deposits. 

Wondering how to identify if your car’s engine is overheating? One of the visible signs is the emission of steam and smoke from under the hood. Besides, keeping an eye on the temperature gauge on your dashboard can help you spot if it’s rising. In case you notice any of these signs, it’s recommended to pull over and get your jeepney examined promptly.

Ignoring warning signs of a malfunctioning radiator can have dire consequences for your vehicle. The continued operation can result in engine failure, or the melting and seizing of pistons to cylinders, rendering the entire machine inoperable. This would require a full engine replacement, rather than a simple fix.

Poor Engine Performance

A damaged radiator can also negatively impact engine performance. If your jeepney experiences a loss of power or runs unevenly, it may be due to a clogged or broken radiator that is not allowing sufficient water flow through the engine. This can result in reduced engine performance and a loss of power. It is advisable to have your jeepney inspected if these symptoms are present.

Rusty Radiator

Rusty Radiator

Your car’s radiator is constructed from various metal materials, and prolonged exposure to moisture can result in rusting. If you observe rust on your jeepney’s radiator, it is a clear indication that replacement is necessary. Rust on the radiator can signify a leak in the radiator hose or the radiator itself, which can impact its heat transfer ability and cause engine overheating and damage. 

To maintain the health of your engine, it is recommended to replace the radiator if rust is present promptly.

Warped or Cracked Radiator

A bent or cracked radiator is a telltale sign that it requires replacement. With this kind of damage, a radiator can leak water and impair its ability to transfer heat effectively, resulting in engine overheating and potential damage. 

If your radiator exhibits signs of warping or cracking, it is advisable to have it promptly replaced to maintain the proper functioning of your engine.

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Key Takeaway

Those were some signs your jeepney radiator needs replacement. For many, this vehicle is their main source of livelihood. So, it’s important to have frequent inspections of every part of your jeepney. Radiator problems are a severe issue. If you keep driving your jeepney without making sure it is in good shape, it could sever several parts internally.

Changing to a more durable radiator is another strategy to prevent frequent jeepney radiator replacement. The radiator of choice for cars is made of plastic and aluminum. For individuals searching for aluminum radiators for sale in the Philippines, Roberts is dedicated to offering high-quality, OEM replacements.