Short Exhaust vs Long Exhaust on Motorcycles

What is the difference between having a short vs long exhaust on your motorcycle?

  1. Performance
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Sound

Motorcycle enthusiasts will often spend hours researching and window shopping for motorcycle parts. At times, you might shop for something auxiliary, such as accessories that are not always necessary to keep your motorcycle functioning properly or vital to improving its efficiency or performance. But at other times, performance is the key, and the improvement of parts that help your motorcycle go faster and stronger is your main priority. When it comes to improving performance, exhausts are an important motorcycle part to purchase. So, if you’re wondering which to choose between short vs long exhaust on your motorcycle, read our expert guide below.  

Does The Exhaust Size Matter?

For some, length is the only thing that comes to mind when choosing an exhaust. But did you know that other dimensions such as the diameter of the exhaust must be taken into account as well? Length is not everything, as it turns out. 

For example, different exhaust diameters (the size of the hole, to be specific) affect the torque output, and the smaller the hole diameter of the exhaust is, the more back pressure is exerted on the engine. This being said, you have to carefully consider the choice between a short exhaust and a long exhaust alongside the diameter of the exhaust. This is usually to match the engine’s RPM. 

So the answer to the question “Does exhaust size matter?” is yes! Exhaust size does matter because of its implications for your motorcycle’s performance. It’s not just about design, and it’s not just there for show.

Below we discuss the difference between short exhaust vs long exhaust on motorcycles. 



Torque rotation output talks about the ability of your motorcycle to accelerate quickly and how easily your motorcycle can transport heavy loads. Ideally, you would want to maximize this using a shorter exhaust, but there are still some repercussions and considerations. 

A short exhaust increases the torque at higher RPMs, but longer exhaust pipes increase the torque at lower RPMs. When it comes to backpressure, however, the longer your exhaust is, the more it will potentially reduce performance as backpressure is essential to determine the velocity at which it expels gasses. Simply put, when it comes to performance, exhaust length determines the engine’s ability to regulate air, oil, and exhaust gasses.




For the casual motorcycle rider who uses their vehicle for the typical regular commute and the usual errands or tasks, there might be very little to be concerned or to be worried about aesthetics when it comes to choosing between short exhausts and long exhausts. 

The differences when it comes to these exhaust specifications typically affect performance and it is more a matter of details related to complex technicalities.  So, you may choose an exhaust length depending on the style you prefer. 



Noise is also an important factor to consider when it comes to choosing your exhaust system. Different countries and states have varying regulations when it comes to acceptable exhaust noise levels. 

Keep in mind that long exhausts are typically quieter. But, if you want to make a bit more of a scene when you’re riding down the road and make heads turn, you might want to choose a shorter one. Just remember to be considerate of noise laws and regulations in your area, and your sleeping neighbors for that matter.


Key Takeaway 

In this article, we’ve discussed further the difference between short exhaust vs long exhaust on motorcycles. These exhaust lengths can differ depending on sound, aesthetics, and performance. 

So, whether or not you’re a casual motorcycle rider, keep these facts in mind when choosing between short exhaust vs long exhaust. 

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