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Secondhand Cars: 5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Get One as your First Ride

Secondhand Car

Everyone always ask the same first question when getting their very first car: Should I buy brand new or secondhand? In so many ways, choosing the latter is better. Now we’re not saying used rides are better than the set of wheels see displayed at car stores with their glorious paint jobs, state-of-the-art engines and gleaming U-bolts. What we mean is that going for secondhand cars can be the better option. Not buying it? Here are a few incentives you might like:

It Costs Less, Man!

Let’s get the obvious out of the way by establishing that secondhand cars are way, way cheaper than their brand new counterparts. So if you want to save tons of cold hard cash, opt for used rides instead of their shinier cousins. And you’ll never know; some used car dealerships offer unbelievable bargains and discounts that’ll make your purchase all the more worth it.

Car Value Depreciates, Dude!

It is an undeniable fact that cars lose value in terms of time and mileage, which is especially true for brand new models. Did you know that some of the latest models are even known to lose at least 40% of its initial value after just one year? You won’t have that problem when you’re out looking for a used car! You can even resell it for the same price you bought it with as long as you maintain it in tip-top shape.

Used Car

It can Get you Better Insurance Rates!

Insurance rates also depend on the car’s age, so it tends to be cheaper if you’re driving a secondhand. The only thing you really need to work on is finding the right company that’ll offer you the best insurance deal and all the privileges that come with it!

It’s Customizable!

Most secondhand cars come in great condition, mainly because their previous owners made sure they’re presentable enough for reselling. Still, if you’re not satisfied with how it looks, you can modify it any way you want. Some used car stores even give you special packages where you can choose a specific set of parts for the model you have in mind. You can practically have a customized set of wheels assembled before your eyes! Admittedly, it might take long, but at least you get the ride that will perfectly satisfy your taste, and that’s very rare to come by!

It’s Trending!

If we look at things from a general perspective, only the rich has the luxury of buying the latest models one after another. If you’re a rich kid yourself, then good for you. But if you’re the more practical type of guy, then you’d think twice before handing over your savings in exchange of that lustrous and sexy ride that would lose its shine after a few years.

It’s always a choice between “Used” or “New” as far as buying your first car is concerned. Think about these things when you go out and search for your very first car.

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