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Your car is composed of various parts with various functions. Oftentimes, understanding the anatomy and function of the collective purposes of your car components may seem like rocket science. Finding the best possible solution to a broken car isn’t always easy. Like many other drivers, perhaps you’re having problems with the maintenance of the different parts of your car.

One such part, which is crucial when you’re driving on rough roads, is the suspension. The suspension is of great importance, especially when during times where you are required to carry heavy loads. Picking up relatives fresh from the airport is one example. Armed with their countless suitcases, you gotta make sure that your car won’t give in while you’re in the middle of the road. Also, those who have businesses that involve transporting toilsome payloads must take extra care of their vehicles.

It’s important to note that while most suspensions are designed for various loads, the process in which they are manufactured should come into knowledge as well. One such method is called shot peening. In this method, a little ball is fired at the metal (this is more complicated than firing a gas gun at a firing range), which results in several dimpled folds that strengthen the particular piece of metal, making them more durable in adverse situations.

Tiger Leaf Spring

Tiger Leaf Springs are manufactured using this process, which is mandatorily followed by rigorous testing and numerous certifications in the manufacturing process. This ensures that this particular product by Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC for short) are consistently produced at the highest quality.

Shot PeeningTiger Leaf Springs are used by Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, and are often exported to various OEM assemblers outside of the country. In addition to providing quality leaf springs to these assemblers, Tiger Leaf Springs are also present in the aftermarket for customers requiring a higher performing automotive part.

Roberts AIPMC is the most reliable auto parts manufacturer, trusted for years by OEM assemblers in Philippines and also in overseas markets. They develop their products to be better than what is available in the market and ensure that the quality and durability is beyond comparison. Armed with ISO certifications, customers such as you will have peace of mind, knowing that every product manufactured by Roberts AIPMC is of consistently the highest quality.

If you’re looking for a new leaf spring for your car, I would suggest Tiger Leaf Spring, Roberts AIPMC always provides quality in whatever parts they produce, and I’m sure you’d only use the best performing parts that would last for your car through the different environments you are subject to.