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Safety Precautions Before Going on a Long Drive

Summer is undeniably the perfect season to go on to adventures. This season is the great time to go to the beaches and various attractions around the country, and the best opportunity to fly to the different countries around the globe. However, for some people, summer time is for road trips with friends. Going on long drives mean you have to constantly check your car’s condition and visit a muffler seller in the Philippines to purchase parts that your car might need throughout your trip.


Long drives are fun and exhilarating. But before hitting the road, there are few safety measures you should consider first. Make sure you follow this guide to ensure you’ll have a safe and memorable escapade.


Schedule a Car Checkup

Getting your car checked before hitting the road is the first step you must do. Make sure that everything is working well—from your engines, battery, tires, wipers, up to your lights. Better yet, just remember BLOWFATCH.

B      Battery, brakes, belts

L      Lights, leaks, license

O      Oil

W     Water, wipers

F      Fuel, fluids

A      Accessories

T      Tires, tools

C      Cleanliness

H      Hose, horn


Get Car Insurance

Having car insurance will help you when you encounter roadside emergencies while you are on the road. It will not only cost you less on your vehicle’s damages, but it will also give you some peace of mind. Remember that accidents are inevitable, so save yourself from a lot of stressing and get your car covered immediately.


Schedule a Medical Checkup

Before going on to any kind of journeys, make sure you are medically fit and healthy to drive to distant places. Your senses must be in their best conditions on and before the big journey, so pay your doctor a visit.


Pack Light. Pack Smart.

Remember to keep your luggage light. Avoid bringing things, such as excess clothes, multiple shoes, and extra baggage that will not be useful during your trip. Don’t forget to bring valuable and convenient stuff, such as first aid kit, road safety kit, food, and water.

Drive Safely and Stay Focused While on the Road

Following the rules and regulations of the road will keep you safe from all possible accidents that may happen. Make sure you don’t drink alcoholic beverages or use your smartphones while you’re driving.

Listening to music may keep you company while traversing the road. However, it is recommended to keep your tune at a normal level during the course of your trip. This will prevent you to be distracted while driving and avoid getting into any forms of accidents.


Make Stops and Take Meals

Going on a long drive means you have to take several stops to take a rest. A long road trip usually makes you tired, which lead to falling asleep while driving and may lead to undesirable accidents. Don’t prohibit yourself from taking breaks. It is better to take a few stops than to be involved into serious car misfortunes.

The feeling of hunger may also cause you to lose your focus while on the road. It can also make you weak causing your driving skills not to be at its best performance. If you feel the need to eat, pullover and munch on some food.


Now you’re all set for your long drive adventure! Though, there are multiple things you should do and consider before hitting the road, just remember this guide to keep you protected and safe all throughout the trip. This will also be your chance to relax a little and forget the world behind you for a second. Don’t forget to have fun, be happy, and enjoy the rest of the ride.





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