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Safety Driving Tips for Regular and Long Trips

It should be routine for you to regularly check your car for any defective parts like the muffler, brake, and steel tubes. In the Philippines and around the world, accidents on the road are among the most common causes of injury, traffic, and even death.

Safety must be your number one concern whether you are driving alone or with passengers. With rampant distractions, it is essential that drivers know the basics of safe driving every time they are on the road.


If you’re going on a regular drive:


Do not use a mobile phone or tablet while driving. Even if the stoplight is red or if you are stuck in light to moderate traffic. If you really must answer an important call, park the car somewhere safe and use the hazard sign. Otherwise, only use your mobile once you have arrived at your destination or parked safely elsewhere.

Do not drive if you are feeling lethargic. Just don’t risk it. Also be cautious of the medicine you take because some can cause drowsiness. Have someone else drive for you or take a power nap before leaving.

Exercise caution when changing lanes. Use the proper signals at all times, especially if you plan on cutting in front of another vehicle.

Each passenger should wear a seatbelt. Even children coming along for the drive should be buckled in their seats while the vehicle is in motion. Never ever allow them to play in the car or make a lot of noise; a single nudge can cause you to misdirect your car, and too much noise can distract your thoughts.


If you’re going on a long drive:


Get enough sleep and eat something healthy before you go. As much as possible do not drink coffee or any beverage with high caffeine content. They may make you feel alert at first but eventually results in a sugar crash.

Take breaks every couple of hours. Pull over, grab a snack and get some fresh air. Stretch your legs and walk around a little bit to get yourself energized. Take a quick nap if necessary to refresh your energy.

Share the driving responsibilities with someone else. This is most efficient when going on a long trip with others because you can take turns driving and resting.

Watch the weather. The weather is almost always so unpredictable! Plan out in advance possible checkpoints along the way if you ever find yourself stuck in a rainstorm.

Search online for traffic updates or listen to the radio for traffic alerts. This is important especially when you are approaching cities where heavy traffic is rampant.


Best of all, don’t forget to bring a lot of good jamming tunes so you never get bored on the drive!



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