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6 Reasons to Fix Your Car Bumper

What are the reasons to fix your car bumper?

  1. Fix unseen damage
  2. Improve impact absorption
  3. Prevent the damage from worsening
  4. Improve aesthetics
  5. Maintain safety
  6. Increase value of your vehicle


When your bumper gets damaged, it’s easy to neglect repairs and maintenance because you might be thinking that the scratch and dents are only aesthetic problems. Instead of having it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible, it’s easier to just ignore the issue, as repairs can be costly and time-consuming. Unfortunately, even something as simple as a small crack can lead to bigger problems in the long run. Keep on reading for the reasons to fix your car bumper.


Fix Unseen Damage

Fix Unseen Damage

If you recently got involved in a minor car accident, the bumper might be the last thing that you checked. After all, it might still look alright other than the small crack and dents. Even if you perform some surface repairs, there might also be some damage under the bumper.

After getting involved in a car accident, have all the parts of your vehicle inspected by the mechanic. Other than the bumper itself, you might also need to repair or replace the foam layer. This is responsible for absorbing the impacts from external forces. After a crash, it’s most likely to have been deformed or broken.


Improve Impact Absorption

Even minor cracks and dents from a car crash can compromise the impact absorption capacity of the bumper. It’s not as strong and solid as it once was, so another accident might not only cause a damaged bumper, but also other safety problems. Even if you fix the surface of the component with home remedies, it won’t have the strength needed to withstand an impact. This can lead to a damaged hood, trunk, and the parts inside it.

If you want to protect your vehicle from impact, it’s recommended to have your bumper professionally repaired or replaced after a car crash. In the event of a collision, this can help prevent the force from being transferred to the rest of the vehicle or to you.


Prevent The Damage from Worsening

Prevent The Damage from Worsening

If the damage is not severe, you might not consider having your bumper fixed yet. It’s understandable if you don’t want to waste money on something that you think won’t affect your overall driving experience. But delaying the repairs can be costly in the long run.

From a hairline crack, you’d be surprised that the damage has led to rusting within months! Water can seep in between the crevices and corrode your bumper over time. Other than aesthetics, it can compromise the structural integrity of your bumper. Instead of a cheap repair, you might have to replace the component, which is more expensive. If you want to reduce the costs, it’s better to have it fixed as soon as you notice the problem.


Improve Aesthetics

Speaking of rust, a corroded bumper is not pleasing to look at. Even the smallest cracks can cause the paint to chip over time—spreading the damage even further. Dirt can also accumulate in the crevices. If you try to wash it, the paint will just separate even more.

Other than not pleasing to look at, a damaged bumper might send the wrong image to others. If you’re a professional, an unrepaired vehicle can project you as lazy, clumsy, and untidy to others. It might make them think that you don’t take your priorities seriously. On the other hand, a well-maintained vehicle, no matter the age, projects a competent image.


Maintain Safety

Maintain Safety

With all the points discussed above, a damaged bumper should be fixed or replaced because it’s not capable of protecting you and the people in your surroundings. It won’t do its job properly, which is to protect other components of your vehicle from a crash. On top of that, it might break suddenly when you’re on the road.

After an accident, the hooks that hold the bumper might have undergone damage too. This means that they will break anytime soon, thereby increasing the chance of the bumper detaching. This might accidentally hit a passerby or a car nearby when you’re on the road.


Increase Value of Your Vehicle

The reality of owning a vehicle is that it depreciates over time. But when you have a damaged component such as a bumper, its value decreases even further. If neglected, the damage can lead to other problems such as rusting, straining on the supporting structures, and a higher risk of damage after a collision. This is problematic if you plan to sell your car in the future. The buyer knows that they have to shoulder the repairs, so they can significantly lower their buying price.

Other than fixing your bumper, replacing it entirely is also another solution. This can help you maintain the previous value of your car.


Key Takeaway

Now that you know the reasons to fix a car bumper, it’s time to head to your mechanic to have your vehicle inspected! Other than aesthetic purposes, a repaired or replaced bumper can increase the car’s safety, impact resistance, and value. By fixing it, you can also discover unseen problems and prevent issues from developing—which can help you save on costs in the long run.

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