Racing Videogames That Would Definitely Test Steel Tubes from the Philippines

What are exciting racing videogames you should try?

  1. SEGA Rally – A classic racer that provides you some awesome off-road action.
  2. Daytona USA – One of the most colorful and fun racing games on the arcade.
  3. Forza Horizon 3 – Xbox’s latest racing title that has the best multiplayer experience.
  4. Gran Turismo: Sport – The best racing simulator from Sony comes back with a preview of what the future of racing games can be.
  5. Project Cars 2  – This realistic game aims to bring the most authentic driving experience in gaming.


Hold on to your seats, because some steel tubes from the Philippines are bound to get rattled! Racing games are some of the most exciting games around, providing some fast and furious racing action that you and your friends would surely love. Some of these games have stood the test of time and have become classics in their own right, while some of the new games aim to push the envelope even further. Here are some of the racing games that you must play right now!


SEGA Rally

To start things off are two arcade racing classics that are still a joy to play, and one of them is the timeless SEGA Rally. The game might feel to simple compared to the racing simulators that we have, but at that time, this was the closest you can get to fast-paced rallying action. The game lets you choose between two cars, the Toyota Celica GT, or the Lancia Delta. You will be racing in different tracks, one being more difficult than the other. The game is still surprisingly challenging even after so long, as you navigate through some scenic locales.


Daytona USA

Another classic arcade racer, Daytona USA is a fast and frantic racing game which has you zip through the most colorful tracks, and drive equally colorful cars as well. Other than the wacky tracks and cars, the game is also known for its iconic soundtrack, which really makes you feel you are going very fast. You can still see these machines around, better put some tokens in and enjoy the ride.


Forza Horizon 3

Xbox’s premier racing series is back with another solid instalment that aims to be even more realistic than ever. The new Forza Horizon comes with very realistic graphics, numerous cars, and highly competitive online play. The cars look as great as ever, as they look like they jumped out of some car catalogue, the racetracks provide a beautiful backdrop to race on, and online play allows you to play with your friends to see who is the fastest. If you have an Xbox One, you better make sure that you don’t miss this title.


Gran Turismo: Sport

Sony’s long-running racing series is back with another instalment. The latest Gran Turismo aims to become the racing simulator that you have been craving on your PS4, as you get some of the best graphics and controls our of any racing game. There are also many cars to choose, from classics, to some of the fastest racing models. The best part of this game is that this is just the beginning of the series on the PS4, as it is expected that another Gran Turismo game would be coming out soon. Now that would be another treat a lot of people would enjoy.


Project Cars 2

Perhaps one of the most challenging racing games on this list, the latest Project Cars game is an immersive simulator that is so realistic, you really have to know how to drive to excel. Like Gran Turismo and Forza, the game gives you access to some of the best cars, and lets you play in some of the world’s most famous tracks. While it may not be as well-known compared to its established competition, Project Cars 2 is a game that you should pick up.


Key Takeaway

The racing game genre is alive and well, thanks to these wonderful titles. These titles provide you with the excitement of racing, while being in the comfort of your own home. With more racing games expected to come next year, expect more exciting action soon!

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