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Getting to Know the Racetracks in the Philippines

What are things you should know about the racetracks in the Philippines?

  1. Clark International Speedway
  2. Carmona Race Track
  3. Batangas Racing Circuit
  4. Kartzone Cebu
  5. Palawan International Circuit
  6. Tarlac Circuit Hill


Motorsport in the Philippines has had a long and colorful history over the past few decades, and its continued growth and success can be attributed to the development of the country’s first official racing circuits. These racetracks have not only tested the strength of many a steel tube in the Philippines but has also pushed the skills of the country’s best drivers to the limit.

These racetracks have also become the location of the country’s largest racing events, along with some iconic racing moments that have become a part of Philippine motorsport history. Let’s get to know each of the country’s top racetracks and some facts about their history.


Clark International Speedway

Clark International Speedway

Opened in 2009, the Clark International Speedway is one of the country’s premier racing circuits. At 4.2 kilometers, this is currently the longest racetrack in the country, with over 18 turns and running at a counter-clockwise rotation. The circuit is also one of the best in the country in terms of quality as well, having received a Grade 4 certification from the FIA, motorsports’ largest regulatory body.

The speedway is a regular host to some of the country’s most prestigious 2-wheel and 4-wheel racing events, which include the Toyota Vios Cup, Philippine Touring Car Championship, Philippine Superbike Championship, Philippine GT Championship, Sparco Cup and the FlatOut race Series.

The circuit is also known for being a host to some historic moments in Philippine motorsport as well, hosting the Asian V8 Championship, and being the host of the country’s first-ever FIA certified racing event, which was a part of the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship during the 2015/2016 season. The fastest lap time that was recorded in this circuit was done by Presley Martono, who clocked in at 1:54.412 driving a Formula 4.


Carmona Race Track

Located in Sitio Bangkal, Carmona, Cavite, the Carmona Race Track was built in 1990 and boasts a 1.090-kilometer long track with 9 turns running in a clockwise direction. A circuit built for both go-karting and motorbike races, the Carmona Race Track has four different racing configurations designated for each type of racing event.

Events that have been hosted in the circuit include the Apex Cup, TSR Championship, Yamaha R-Day, and the Karting Series.


Batangas Racing Circuit

Batangas Racing Circuit

Another iconic and famous racetrack in the country, the Batangas Racing Circuit has also received a Grade 4 certification from the FIA, making it one of the country’s premier racing circuits. At 3.70 kilometers long, and with 14 turns rotating clockwise, the Batangas Racing Circuit is a host of numerous racing events.

These events include the National Drag Racing Championship, The Asian Formula 3 Championship, Philippine Formula Toyota Cup, Philippine GT Championship, FlatOut Racing Series, Philippine Touring Car Championship, and Sparco Cup. The circuit has also gone through numerous changes over the years, adding more turns and extended different sections of the track to where it is now. The fastest lap time recorded for this circuit is held by Thmoon Lee, who clocked in at 1:41.293 using his Porsche 911 GT3 RS.


Kartzone Cebu

Go-karting has been one of the most popular motorsports in the country, as evidenced by the numerous karting tracks present in the country. One of the most popular go-kart tracks in the country is Kartzone which is located in Mabolo, Cebu. While this may be one of the shorter racetracks on this list, this 660-meter long circuit is a great place for go-karting, making it a great place for casual and seasoned drivers alike to drive around.


Palawan International Circuit

Palawan International Circuit

Located in Puerto Princesa, the Palawan International Circuit is a 1.3-kilometer-long circuit with 15 turns running in a clockwise direction. Like the Carmona Race Track, the circuit is a host to racing events for motorbikes and go-karts. Events hosted on this racetrack include the Palawan Moto Sport Underbone & Scooter Cup, the Rok GP Super Karting Series, and the Petron Palawan Motorsports Championships.


Tarlac Circuit Hill

Built as a government initiative by the Tarlac City Government, the Tarlac Circuit Hill is one of the country’s newest racetracks. 1.5 kilometers long and with 15 turns running clockwise, the circuit is the first in the country that is able to host night races. The track is also designed and handled by some of the country’s top racecar drivers, with Pepon Marave as the track designer and technical director, and Richard Joson as its Marketing and Operations Consultants.


Key Takeaway

Philippine motorsport has come a long way, from racing in impromptu tracks to the development of the first racing circuits. Cars build with steel tubes in the Philippines and other stock vehicles can test their mettle. These racing circuits show the country’s love of motorsport, and with new tracks being built in the near future, things look bright when it comes to the growth of the sport as a whole.

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