Racecraft: How to Win at Racing

What are some tips to help you win in racing?

  1. Understand your car
  2. Familiarize yourself with the track
  3. Know how to pass


Racing to win requires determination, skill, knowledge, and practice. This is true for any form of racing. Many choose to equip their cars with the best suspension components, engine modifications, and mufflers for sale in the Philippines. If you combine skill and a car with all the right parts, then you’ll have what it takes to stand on the podium. Here are some things you need to know in order to win your race:


Understand Your Car

Understand Your Car

Understanding your car means more than just knowing its name or how much horsepower it has. Understanding your car means taking into account every finest detail about it. That way, you can determine how it will fare against other cars on the track and how you should drive it. You can learn your car’s characteristics even just by driving through traffic in the Philippines. Most cars being sold in the country are front engine front wheel drive layout. Although there are front engine rear wheel drive cars around, the former layout is much more common. Knowing this is essential for you to know how you should attack a corner. A front wheel drive car is known to inherently understeer through a corner while rear wheel drive cars are prone to oversteer.


The Racing Line

The most critical of all details to speedy lap times, track familiarity is one of the key points in winning a race. Knowing when and where to attack in a track is paramount to standing on the top. Knowing a track means knowing the fastest way around it. This is where the racing line steps in. The racing line is not the shortest way around a race track. It’s the shallowest arc around a corner; the fastest way around it. Rounding a corner, knowing where to brake, when to turn, where the apex is, and how to exit is critical in setting blistering lap times.


Braking Point

The braking point is the position where you begin to step on the brakes. Ideally, one must brake in a straight line. As you reach the turn-in point, ease off the pedal smoothly in order to maintain the car’s balance.

Turn-in Point

This is the part of cornering where you begin turning your car toward the apex of a corner. This point has to be executed with utmost precision, or else you’ll waste precious time. Set your sights on the apex of a turn. Don’t look straight down the road. Doing this allows you to judge how much steering input is needed.


The apex is probably the most common racing term you’ll hear from race car drivers. The apex is the point wherein you’re at the innermost section of a corner. It’s not always about clipping the center point of a corner. There’s also a term called early apex and late apex. The former refers to taking a tighter line down a corner while the latter refers to taking a wider entry. Depending on your racing situation and corner type, you can judge whether you need to take a corner early, late, or exactly in the middle. Once you’ve clipped the apex, you can begin to accelerate smoothly.

Exit Point

The exit point is the point from the apex til you straighten the car out of a corner. At this point, you should begin accelerating smoothly and adjust your steering accordingly. Get this right, and you’ll carry the most speed you can from every corner.




You can’t be first if you don’t pass your opponents. You may have all the techniques under your belt, but if you don’t use them or don’t know when to use them, then they’ll all be good for nothing. Passing your opponents requires you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your car. If you know that you have more power over the competition, then don’t hesitate to stuff their face with dust on the straights. If you know that you don’t have much engine power but your car is light and nimble, take the battle to the corners. Lighter cars have the ability to brake late and accelerate early. Exploit all your advantages, but make sure that you pass cleanly and assertively, not recklessly and overly aggressive.


Key Takeaway

There’s more to winning races than having the best car. It’s more about knowing your car and how to pilot it to victory. The race track is not like your usual everyday traffic in the Philippines. In closed circuits, drivers always treat each other with respect and make safety paramount. (diyinspired.com) Mufflers for sale in the Philippines is a good way to let your opponents know that you’re nearby, avoiding unnecessary accidents from happening. Always remember to race safely and responsibly.