The Quick Way to Change Your Car Tires

In the Philippines, steel tubes are used by many mechanics to quickly remove lugs on wheels. They do this by inserting one side of a wrench in a steel tube. This gives the mechanic more leverage to deal with those really tight lugs. This is just one of many things anyone needs to know in order to change tires quickly. If you’re up for learning exactly how to change a tire (and it’s a skill worth learning by anyone), here’s how.


Find a Safe Place

As much as possible, change tires where the car is on a solid and level surface so it won’t roll. Use a wheel wedge if you have one – if not, opt instead for heavy objects such as a big rock, spare tires, etc. to keep the car in place. Stay away from moving traffic if possible and always remember to use emergency flashers/hazard lights.

Place the Car in Park

But if you have a standard transmission car, then put it in either 1st or Reverse. Use the hand-brake as well.

Set the Jack

When using a jack, refer to the car manual to know the recommended spot that the jack must come in contact with to lift the vehicle. Once this is found, the jack must be raised to support (but not lift) the car at this point.

Remove the Hubcap and Loosen the Nuts

Use a wrench to loosen the nuts (turn it counter-clockwise) until you’re able to easily remove it with your hands. If the nuts are too tight, then you can ‘step’ on the wrench and use your body weight to loosen it. This is done before lifting the car because if done after, the wheel will rotate when you try to loosen the nut.

Lift the Car until the Tire is Off the Ground

When doing this, ensure the car is stable and lifted straight up after every turn. Slow and steady is key. Bring it back down if there is any sign of instability or if the jack seems to be lifting the car at an angle.

Remove the Nuts and Wheel

Hit the inside of half of the tire in case the tire is hard to remove. Then place this under the car to help prevent accidents in case of jack failure.

Place the Spare Tire

Align the spare tire with the wheel bolts and place back the nuts, using the wrench again to keep it tight. Again, body weight can be used to ensure that these are secure.

Lower the Car and Remove the Jack

Once done, put all the tools back in their proper places. Remember to have the replaced tire either fixed or replaced as soon as possible in case you need another spare. You never know!



Changing a tire quickly is all about knowing your car well and the safety precautions behind the procedure. The primary reasons we advocate doing this as quickly (but properly) as possible is so you don’t hold up traffic and to keep you from having to stay too long in possibly unsafe areas. Don’t be intimidated when the time comes – it’s actually quite simple if you know what you are doing. If in doubt, stay in the car, keep the doors locked, and use your cellphone to call for help.



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