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Pimp My Ride: 5 Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Car


What are great tech upgrades I can install in my car?

  1. Heads-up display
  2. Seat heaters
  3. Parking sensors
  4. Rearview cameras
  5. Bluetooth sound system


If you’re at a muffler seller in the Philippines, you might want to have a look around other great upgrades for your car. Being that we are in a world or technology, you can use this to your advantage by adding some tech improvements that can improve the overall driving experience. We’ve listed some tech upgrades you’re going to want in your car.


Heads-Up Display

Pimp My Ride: 5 Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Car

A heads-up display is every gamers’ dream to have in their car, as it projects transparent images or information on the windshield. This is useful in a car because, rather than having to take your eyes off the road to look at navigation, it can be displayed right in front of you without hindering your line of sight. The usual information projected on a heads-up display are the next turns to make, speed, mileage, engine warnings and more.

Seat Heaters

Pimp My Ride: 5 Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Car

Who knew that technology could make your car feel like a spa? Although the concept of heated seats originated in the 1966 – on the Cadillac DeVille – it only started becoming popular today. Of course, these are mostly used during colder sesons. While Ford is starting to integrate their cars with seat warmers with massaging capabilities, there is an easy way to upgrade your car to have similar features.

There are seat covers that are available today that can do the same things. The more affordable ones can only heat up with various setting while the higher-end ones have added massagers and cooling systems.


Parking Sensors

Pimp My Ride: 5 Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Car

Scratches and dents caused by parking accidents can ruin anybody’s day. You can save yourself the trouble by making it easier for yourself and installing parking sensors in your car. These sensors use sound waves to detect whether or not the car is approaching an object.  The beeping will intensify the closer the car gets. This is useful for parking so drivers know when to stop backing up.

While these are found built-in most cars nowadays, there’s still a good number without such a system pre-installed. Luckily, it’s affordable to buy a 3rd party parking sensor system that can easily be integrated in a car.

Rearview Cameras

Pimp My Ride: 5 Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Car

The rearview camera has proven to be such a useful upgrade for a vehicle that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in USA has require them to be in all new cars starting May 01, 2018.  This is because over 15,000 injuries in their country happen a year are caused by rearview blind spots. For such an authority to require it for the sake of safety, it means that this upgrade is a definite must have.

Bluetooth Sound SystemPimp My Ride: 5 Must-Have Tech Upgrades for Your Car

No one wants to cause an accident due to distracted driving. This is what makes a Bluetooth sound system a great upgrade for any driver. With this gadget, you can take calls, display alerts on the dashboards, and pick songs from the phone with the car stereo. Basically, you can use your phone without ever having to touch it. It’s a welcome upgrade that ensures more safety while allowing drivers to enjoy songs from their phone and keep in touch with their contacts.


Key Takeaway

Technology is constantly being innovated for convenience and efficiency. With the latest in car technology, driving can be an even more exciting adventure.

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