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5 Phantom Vehicles You Wouldn’t Want to Ride


Given our heavy reliance on private vehicles and the number of car accidents on a daily basis, private car owners need to ensure that each part of the car is in top shape. It is essential to regularly check the engine, universal muffler, wheels, and lights, among other parts.

Now there are cars that really need to be checked throughly – if you could find them. You probably wouldn’t want to catch up with these vehicles though given that they are said to be paranormal.


Concha Cruz Corolla – Philippines

BF Paranaque in the Philippines is a popular place for night outs and one infamous story is the Concha Cruz Corolla. It is said that some solo drivers who pass by the Concha Cruz drive between 2am to 4am may encounter a white Toyota Corolla who insists on racing. Should the driver accept the challenge, it will result into a car accident which in turn may result in serious injury or even death.

Silverpilen – Sweden

A train called Silverpilen, or Silver Arrow, is said to haunt subway stations in Stockholm, Sweden. It is believed that if you get on board the Silverpilen that you will never get off. That was the original urban legend. Years later, this legend developed to include the Kymlinge station, which was built as part of an expansion but never opened. Kymlinge station came to be known as the home of Silverpilen, or where the train picked up the dead.

Ghost Bus – United Kingdom

Since sometime around 1934, a red No. 7 phantom double-decker has been reportedly seen by London drivers. The bus always appears around 1:15 am, usually at the junction of Cambridge Gardens and St. Marks Road. The empty bus is said to have caused several car and motor accidents in the area.

Dean’s “Little Bastard” – America

The death of the classic Hollywood icon, James Dean, was caused by an accident while he was driving his Porsche 550 Spyder which he named his “Little Bastard.” His car was said to be haunted, saying that those who drive it will end up wounded or dead. Alec Guinness, former Obi-Wan Kennobi in the original Star Wars series, told James that if he drove that Porsche, he will be dead the next week. James Dean died exactly 7 days after that conversation.

Haunted Submarine – Germany

One of the strangest phantom vehicles out there was the UB-65, a Type UB III U-boat of the Imperial German Navy. It was used during the World War I, and is known for having destroyed around 507 enemy ships in that era. Though their enemies were defeated, the crew of UB-65 experienced supernatural incidents onboard – some disappeared, inhaled toxic gases, or faced deadly explosions.

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