OEM vs Genuine Car Parts: What’s Best for Your Car?


  • Genuine car parts are installed by the original car manufacturer, but they are usually supplied by Original Equipment Manufacturers. This makes sure that quality is not compromised.
  • Since car manufacturers do not usually manufacture car parts, the availability of these car parts is not consistent.
  • OEMs are lesser-known brands compared to the exclusivity of car manufacturer logos which makes them cost less.

Fourth to public transit, private motorcycles, and tricycles, cars are one of the leading transportations in the Philippines. A car provides convenience, comfort, and flexibility in supporting the different responsibilities and needs of Filipinos. That is why maintaining your car is essential for many to ensure a more convenient lifestyle for them.

In figuring out what’s best, understanding OEM vs genuine car parts is essential in sustaining the performance, reliability, and value of your vehicle. In this article, we look at the similarities, differences, and different factors of OEM and genuine as a guide in making informed decisions.

OEM VS Genuine

OEM VS Genuine

To get the basic idea of OEM vs genuine car parts, let’s delve into the basic information on similarities and differences between two types of companies—the Original Equipment Manufacturers and the car manufacturers.


OEM parts are components made by Original Equipment Manufacturers. This type of company usually makes and supplies components for another company’s products.

Genuine parts are original to your car unit and installed by the car manufacturer. Many car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Toyota, Hino, Honda, and Hyundai do not necessarily make car components. Instead, they sell finished products that they made from components made by trusted outside manufacturers.


OEM type of companies concentrate on producing quality parts and components such as car radiators, exhaust systems, and mufflers. For car manufacturers, their type of company specializes in putting together said quality parts or components and adding them to their well-made and well-marketed cars.

This does not mean that car manufacturers do not produce their products by themselves. Many of them design and make most of their products from raw materials as well.


Parts from both Original Equipment Manufacturers and car manufacturers often have their separate branding despite the mutual benefit of their relationship in producing quality transportation. Once car manufacturers buy car articles from OEMs, these parts or components are easily put under their logo.

The main difference in their branding is that one might be more well-known and exclusive than the other, making the prior costlier than the former.

Factors to Consider in Buying OEM or Genuine Parts for Your Car?

Factors to Consider in Buying OEM or Genuine Parts for Your Car?

When it comes to deciding between OEM and genuine car parts, factors need to be considered before purchasing from your auto parts seller. Both OEM and car manufacturers offer advantages in standard assurance for the longevity of your car.


From understanding the mutual relationship between OEMs and car manufacturers in producing excellent-performing cars, the quality of car components is not compromised in choosing one or the other.

The durability of the part is essential for its longevity. With OEM and genuine car parts, the car instruments give assurance that they are made for the make and model of your vehicle. This means that they are produced and tested the same as your old car parts. They are a like-for-like replacement only with different kinds of branding.


When it comes to auto part shopping, it is crucial to think of your budget. OEM and genuine car parts significantly differ in this factor. This is not in the context of quality but rather the exclusivity of the brand or logo that you will be paying for.

While genuine car parts are guaranteed to sustain the performance of your vehicle, they are also costlier. With OEM companies, their logos are not that exclusive which makes it cheaper than genuine parts without compromising on the component’s quality. This is because car instruments from Original Equipment Manufacturers are tried and tested by the car manufacturers, giving you more assurance of their durability.


As said, car manufacturers are excellent at constructing high-standard cars perfect for any type of purpose. Whether they are SUVs, station wagons, or pickup trucks, car manufacturers know exactly what they need in composing vehicles that will meet the needs and preferences of drivers and potential customers.

It does not mean that certain components are directly available from them. Since most car manufacturers are supplied with quality car instruments, the availability is compromised when supplies are low.

With OEM companies, car owners can access the direct and trusted source. It eliminates a middle-man transaction, leading you straight to the team of experts that produce the product you are looking for.

Key Takeaway

Cars are essential in making our lifestyle more convenient which is why choosing between OEM and genuine car parts is important. While both options do not compromise the quality of the component you might be looking for, OEM parts stand to be the more cost-effective option.

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