3 Obvious Signs of Car Transmission Problems

The transmission system in the most used component of your car, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’ll wear and tear over time. However, it’s unwise for you to neglect any transmission-related problems for too long, as doing so can cause further damage to your hot ride’s mufflers and other metal parts as well as make you spend tons of cash just so you can have it repaired. In any case, it’s best if you stay alert for any signs that indicate that there is something wrong with your car’s gear box. Below are a few examples:


Unusual and Unpleasant Noises

Car transmissions generally don’t make any tailored noises even when deterred. However, when you hear excessive whining, clunking and humming while you shift gears, it means there’s a bump in neutral. These sounds usually emit when there is trouble in manual transmission, but when you shift gears and you hear any of these then there might also be something wrong with the underside of your car. So once you detect any of these sounds, the best advice you can take would be to immediately have it checked before anything worse will happen to your auto.


Fluid Leaks or Low Fluid Storage

Leaks are commonly recognized as symptoms that point to faulty gear boxes. Therefore, checking on your vehicle immediately is a must. When not treated quickly, fluid leaks can cause transmission break down. At the same time, when your car is low on automatic transmission fluids (ATF), it will cause the engine to seize its function and ultimately reach zero mobility. In order to check if you’re running low on fluids, simply take your car on a short ride to warm up its engine, then check under the hood and read the dipstick. If it’s low on fluid then that means there might be a leak somewhere and it needs fixing up right away.


Grinding or Shaking

Normal and efficiently-working vehicles never tend to shake or jerk inexplicably. So if your auto does grind or shake then that means you need to get it checked ASAP. Manual transmissions that have problems make grinding noises whenever you shift gears, and when this occurs the clutch may need to be replaced or adjusted as well. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, act a bit different because rather than making grind noises, the gear will be wrigglier and harder to control. And there are also other reasons why your car jerks in an odd manner, although ultimately the best way to fix this is by getting it serviced or inspected by a mechanic.

car transmission handle

To avoid having trouble with your car’s transmission system, make sure your ride is scheduled for regular maintenance. That way, you won’t have to spend on expensive repairs and you’d be able to avoid car troubles while on the road. But once you notice something out of the ordinary happening with your gear boxes, have it checked by a professional car mechanic immediately! Got any comments and suggestions? Then type them down on the comment box below!