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Monumental Racing Events in The Philippines for New Fans

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What are some of the important racing events in the Philippines, and what is there to know about them?

  1. Keep your eyes set for The Philippine Drag Race Championship
  2. Watch Out for The FlatOut Race Series
  3. Fall in nostalgic love with The Tuason Racing School Retro Race
  4. Acquainting yourself with the fundamental racing grounds


There’s always been very rich buzz going on in the Philippines when it comes to racing. Whether you are a casual fan or have a career in the automotive industry dealing with parts and Mufflers for Sale here in the Philippines, there certainly are a lot of great races within local culture to wrap your head around.

If you are thinking about joining one of these races yourself with your own car, it’s definitely time for an upgrade with new parts –time to check for a new Muffler for Sale here in the Philippines. Here’s a brief overview on the essential corners surrounding Filipino racing excellence:


The Philippine Drag Race Championship

2018 is definitely going to be an exciting year in Filipino racing. If you are just getting into local racing, a good place to start is with this one. The race features a series of classes that all differ in terms of time levels (anywhere ranging within 10.99 seconds and quicker or 16.00 seconds and slower). The mechanics essentially center on 2 racers competing at a time through a straight track of about a quarter mile in length.

The FlatOut Race Series

This race is as Filipino as it gets, held in both the Batangas Racing Circuit and Clark International Speedway. The event consists of a Time Attack (clock based) and classic Wheel to Wheel Racing (against competitors). The race is a tribute to the legendary Enzo Pastor, a pioneer that bred talent in future racers of all backgrounds.

The Tuason Racing School Retro Race

This brilliant event is a nice variation of international car events like the legendary Goodwood Revival in England. Strictly classic cars are allowed on this race (anything from 1985 below). Among the common cars to be in awe of are beautifully restored Volkswagens and Datsuns –an astounding sight that strikes a wondrous feeling of being transported back to more romantic times.


Iconic Philippine Racing Tracks

Almost all sanctioned races in the Philippines take place in either the Subic International Raceway or Batangas Racing Circuit. Subic International Raceway was established in 1994 and is great for spectators. The track is 2.8 km with a total of 12 turns. It has seen many international big league races in its history such as The Marlboro Asia Pacific Road Racing Championship and Asia Formula 2000. The Batangas Racing Circuit on the other hand, focuses solely more on top ranking national events. The track features a circuit that is 3.7 km in length and a total of about 10 turns.


Key Takeaway

If you are in search of a fantastic Muffler for Sale here in the Philippines, immersing yourself in racing culture will definitely inspire you to take extra steps in purchasing top tier car parts. Being a spectator at one of these events surely gets the blood pumping and incites high levels of excitement. Just watch these car-racing films should get you even more hyped!

Having a career in the automotive industry is not limited to dealing in Mufflers for Sale here in the Philippines, there’s a wide range of opportunities in local motorsports, and getting well-versed with the country’s racing events is definitely a good place to start.

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