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Mobile Dog: Safe Ways to Transport Your Dog

How do I keep my dog safe while he is in a moving car?

  1. Place him in a dog crate or use car safety devices for dogs.
  2. Take breaks every two or three hours when on a long road trip and let him out of the car.
  3. Disable all power windows so her doesn’t accidentally open or close any windows.
  4. Always have water ready in case your dog seems dehydrated.


Even after making improvements – such as reducing noise with a universal muffler – to ensure that a car is comfortable for a dog, travelling with your best friend running amok in a car can be dangerous. This is because dogs don’t take the same precautions that we do when on a car ride. Thus, they may end up doing something that could lead to injury or, much worse, death.

To prevent this from happening to your beloved companion, follow these tips:


Place Your Dog in a Special Transport Crate

Mobile Dog: Safe Ways to Transport Your Dog

Crash-tested crates made specifically for pets ensure safety even on a turbulent ride. A good example is the 4Pets ProLine box. When selecting a crate make sure that it is the right size for your dog and that it is made of plastic that is reinforced by fiber glass or aluminum. These materials are durable and allow for good air circulation. Also, these are well insulated so that your pets will be comfortable even when it gets really hot or cold.

To ensure more safety, invest in crash bags as well which can go inside the crate. This will protect your dog in the event of emergency braking.


Take Breaks

Mobile Dog: Safe Ways to Transport Your Dog

As mentioned before, dogs act different than we do during car travel. While adult humans may be able to go on a drive for hours and hours, a dog might not be able to handle it. He may feel stressed and uneasy after a while, even if he did enjoy it initially.

So if you’re going to take your canine on a long road trip, take a break every two or three hours. This way, both you and your canine can breathe fresh air, stretch your legs, and do your business.


Disable the Windows

Mobile Dog: Safe Ways to Transport Your Dog

If your car has automatic windows, then chances are that it has a function that disables your passengers to open and/or close the windows. Use this function each time you bring your dog with you.

Dogs tend to be rowdy inside cars; they may get too curious and hyperactive that they may end up accidentally opening a window and become tempted to jump out. Given that dogs love to look outside car windows while standing on the arm rest, this can easily happen. Even if you know your dog won’t jump out, another danger is that he will close the window while his head is peeking outside and choke himself. So unless you have people watching all four windows in your car, disable the power windows while your furry friend is in the car.

People with cars without automatic windows will be less likely to experience this problem. Although, it is still possible with a really rowdy dog.


Always Have Water and a Bowl

Mobile Dog: Safe Ways to Transport Your Dog

Dogs need water much more than humans do. So, especially on a hot day, you must always have a bottle of water ready in case your dog gets dehydrated. While a cupped hand is enough for them to drink out of, a bowl will be much better.


Key Takeaway

All dog-lovers’ worst nightmare is for their furry friend to get hurt. To ensure that this doesn’t happen while your dog is riding the car, follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy long road trips alongside your canine companion.

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